Bordering Shadows


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“How dare he insinuate that I would come willingly into the bowels of Hell.”

What happens to an angel who is dragged into Hell? Rebekah is an angel warrior of God who has fought against the evil Shadows, demons, and the other adversaries that only an angel can face. Now she must fight for her life as well as resist the temptations that only Hell can provide. Can she keep her heart and soul from giving in to the decadence of sin? One kiss could decide her fate.

Murmur, or Max as he is known to Rebekah, is a fallen angel who was once Rebekah's lover in Heaven. For a fallen angel, he has all the right tricks up his sleeve to keep Rebekah in Hell. All he must do is get her to agree.


The rain is drizzling lightly against my skin as I walk through the ancient citadel. Although a metropolis has blossomed around the centuries old buildings and tourists clamor to snap their pictures of stained-glass windows and gargoyles, I still remember when the lost Roman streets hidden underneath the city were freshly laid. I shake my head at the people who are wandering around, their mouths agape with wonder at the flying buttresses and Gothic arches. As if they can truly understand what true beauty is. Their whole lives are wasted looking at the mediocre works of someone else instead of appreciating the spectacular natural beauty of the world. A world that was created specifically for them. 

A man gruffly bumps my shoulder, almost forcing me to pause in my walk. I pull the hood that is hiding my face up closer and I shake my head. Sigh. Humans. 

 Although I am beautiful, as all of us are, I don’t stand out in a crowd. It wouldn’t be a good thing if I did. My curly auburn hair hits gently the middle of my back and my sky-blue eyes look normal enough to the average person. There is nothing that sets me apart from anyone else. My skin radiates with a golden tan that softly shimmers like I’ve been brushed with gold dust, so it’s not too obvious. My clothes, though odd by traditional standards, don’t really make a scene in any busy modern city. The tattoo of giant wings that grace the whole of my back doesn’t appear out of the ordinary in the modern society. No – no one would guess what I really was, not truly, not until the blaze of God’s power flashes through my eyes, and my fiery sword alights and begins to glow as it takes the head of my enemy, demons and Shadows. When that happens the tattooed wings actually unfurl themselves from my body as I use them to take flight towards Heaven. Only then would they know.

In this universe, and in all others, it is God who decides all things. God, who is the ultimate pure male and female aspect of everything that is natural, chose me to join the most elite, beautiful, and highest order of creatures.

Becoming an angel is not how humans might imagine. I didn’t just pop into being simply because God uttered a few words. I was not molded out of sand and clay as humans claim that we were. 

I started out as a piece of energy, nothing more than a thought, an atom, a dust-particle. I had no real consciousness I simply was. Since I didn’t know any different, I was content to float in the vastness of space – willingly drifting towards my destiny as a star, a meteor, or simply nothing at all. Then, in all that vastness – I was suddenly surrounded by more particles, more atoms and thoughts. 

As we gathered together, I felt a need to be closer to them, to become a part of something bigger than myself. We pulled towards each other, combining and multiplying and we grew. Becoming bigger and better, we joined and melded until we were all one. More particles came and we continued to grow. Then, the most melodious sound pierced through the silence of space and asked me if I wanted to be something special – powerful...God plucked me from the universe and transformed me into an existing, breathing being, glorious beyond measure. Since I was beginning to understand what growth meant as more and more particles gathered and surrounded me, became a part of me, I knew I wanted to be more. To be that something special that God had asked me if I wanted to be. So, I said the one word that would determine the destiny that I was being created for. I said yes.

I was given wings, strong and powerful, twice as wide as I was tall, hidden from the mortal eye by the intricate tattoo on my back. All the knowledge of the entire universe, of Earth and the realms and creatures beyond the stars was put inside my head, even if though I didn’t, and still don’t quite understand what it meant. 

God told me, whispering gently into my newly formed ears, to go forth and experience life. I was sent into Heaven and I learned. I learned everything: music, art, war, and love. These physical, tangible means of knowledge. Especially love - all forms of love; brotherly, sisterly, motherly, fatherly, physical, emotional – every type of love imaginable. Yes, physical; the most sacred type of love that can occur between two souls. Not just man and woman but two beings who share the most intimate of intimacies, who are old enough and wise enough to understand what true love is and the magic that it can hold.

It is through this love that I came to know Eloa, the angel created from a single tear shed by the son of God. How I used to know Murmur, the fallen angel, now a duke serving in Hell. How I now know Gabriel, the Man of God.

I know what it is like to be an angel. To feel the Light of Heaven pulse through my veins and know that I am a golden being, beautiful and strong. My skin radiated with energy and light flowed in my heart, my lungs, my fingertips…filling my body and soul with a magnificent sense of Justice, Purity and Hope. The Power of God sings in my heart and my head and I know that He is watching over me, loving me. I fight for Him, protecting all life and giving my soul to guard the humans that I oversee from the evils of Hell and all that reside there. Including one that I used to love, the fallen one.

I know what it is like to be an angel. To love unconditionally, to be pure and know that I fight for the cause of keeping the Shadows of Hell at bay. Love filled my days and nights and then time went by in the blink of an eye because I was so happy in my bliss. 

Then, after a few centuries in Heaven, learning and serving, I was approached by God. He asked if I was willing to join the Army of Light and fight for and protect the goodness and purity of everything I had learned, know and believe in. To help mankind to keep their innocence – to help keep the Shadows at bay. So, I said yes. Wholeheartedly, I said yes to be of service in the glory of God. 

The war between good and evil must always have soldiers that play a part in the ongoing battles. I am one of those soldiers. I joined the fight to do good in the universe and go against those who would twist it into something perverse. The evils of Satan cannot prevail, not while there were soldiers like me to protect and fight.

Being an angel of the Light of God, I am a protector of all beings, a defender against the Shadows of darkness and evil. I know what it is like to be a warrior of God, a Seraphim, a Burning One, an angel of severity and justice.

I wanted to keep love pure and beautiful, to not allow it to become twisted and wicked as evil and ignorance would have it seem. So, He gave me armor, a sword and I fight. Sometimes I win and sometimes…well…sometimes, I lose.

About the author

R.J. Luthey is a writer, a mother, a wife, and a homeschool teacher. She lives outside of Denver, CO, with her 3 dogs, 6 chickens, 4 ducks, a hedgehog, and a hive of bees. view profile

Published on December 31, 2019

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60000 words

Contains explicit content ⚠️

Worked with a Reedsy professional 🏆

Genre: Romance

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