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This book will launch on Jul 1, 2020. Currently, only those with the link can see it. đź”’

Book Sales Explosion shows you the 25 best tactics for selling more books in 2020.

Written by the founder & CEO of the book publishing company Scribando | Novelify, who has personally worked with more than 100 publishers on projects resulting in more than 2 million copies sold combined worldwide, this book is based on real-world experience and results.

Learn about the latest strategies, hacks and tactics for marketing your book. Get the unfair advantage for your book today.



“Marketing books successfully is hard. It takes knowledge and skills. Everyone who tells you differently has either been lucky, is unaware of the space, or isn’t telling the truth.”

Albert Griesmayr, 2020

My name is Albert Griesmayr, founder of the book publishing start-up Scribando | Novelify, which has helped thousands of writers sell more books over the last 10 years.

My passion is helping authors and publishers create phenomenal book projects based on solid setups and turbo-charged with amazing book marketing strategies. Over the last decade, I’ve personally worked with authors and publishers from more than 15 different countries, with book sales totalling more than 2 million copies worldwide. What I’ve learned is that creating successful book projects typically demands two things: (1) a solid, basic understanding of the drivers behind book marketing and (2) an awareness of the latest strategies and tactics.

My previous book, Book Marketing Secrets, is full of timeless insights that help create phenomenal book projects from the ground up.

The book you’re currently reading is all about knowing and applying the latest ways to market your book. It contains my powerful and proven top 25 marketing tactics, which I use daily to help authors and publishers around the globe succeed.

I’m confident that each of the 25 tactics below has the power to double your book sales, regardless of whether you’ve been selling 5 copies a month or 500.

It seems like doubling or tripling your book sales would become harder when you’re already in the high sales numbers, but I’ve often observed a surprising principle: the more successful a book already is, the more it actually benefits from applying premium tactics and strategies.

One reason for this is because successful books have already achieved a high level of good basic setup. These books are strong to begin with—they’ve been well thought out and well written, and they get good reviews and recommendations—so they benefit the most from advanced marketing tactics.

As I’ve mentioned, this book isn’t about mastering the core setup. It’s about spicing it up, adding those little secret ingredients to the marketing mix that make the difference between a good dish and a great one.

I hope you’ll get as much value from the strategies and tactics in this book as I have from using them in my role as a consultant. Not only do I know every single tactic by heart, but I apply them all constantly when working with authors and publishers. 

I wish you all the best in your career—and make sure to take a look at scribando.com and albertgriesmayr.com, where I share the latest insights on how to succeed in the fast-changing book publishing landscape as well.

Happy marketing. And never forget that marketing books successfully requires knowledge—knowledge you’re holding in your hands right now.


Albert Griesmayr

Founder & CEO of Scribando | Novelify

March 1, 2020, Vienna, Austria

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I am founder & CEO of Scribando | Novelify. As a book marketing consultant for more than 100 publishers and authors, I have worked on projects resulting in more than 2 million copies combined sold worldwide. view profile

Published on July 01, 2020

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