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Blotto: Adventures in Alcoholism / Ruin to Recovery


This book will launch on Mar 7, 2020. Currently, only those with the link can see it. 🔒

After a devastating, early life of hard drinking, I got sober 33 years ago. During those years, I attended thousands of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, where I have seen countless sufferers dramatically change their lives, and return to the human race. I have witnessed too many miracles to count. AA offers a wide array of tools for recovery, but in my opinion, at the center of everything, is the act of storytelling. Stories are told by speakers, sponsors, and in personal sharing by everyone at meetings. The sense of identification, of not being the only one with the problem, and of the fact that there is a solution, has an extraordinarily healing affect on the storyteller and listener alike.

My sincere hope is that my book will provide comfort, hope, and direction to anyone (and their loved ones) dealing with alcoholism and addiction. Blotto is not an “inside baseball” book. Certainly, people dealing with alcoholism and addiction will relate, but I have endeavored to write in a manner that will have a universal appeal to anyone who enjoys a compelling read about personal redemption.


My days are devoted to the killing of cockroaches, who share my scuzzy, single apartment in Hollywood. I’m drinking around the clock, but to diminishing returns. I have to drink more and more to achieve the desired affect—Blotto. I buy my booze at different liquor stores, so that the guys behind the counter don’t recognize me as a drunk. My body wakes me up in the middle of night, demanding alcohol. I sleep with a cheap bottle of vodka under my bed, and I am gifted tiny vials of cocaine from a sweetheart of a dealer, who knows I can no longer afford to pay.

A growing paranoia darkens my shrinking world; I sleep with a carrot peeler on the bedside table. Suspecting my phone is bugged, I take it completely apart, forgetting that it was disconnected months ago. Other than liquor runs, I hardly ever leave the apartment, but when I do, I suspect I’m being followed. I don’t want anyone to witness what I’ve become. My



only human contact is with the mailman, through the slot. For years, I drank exclusively hi-end booze, like the brands I was weened on, from my parents’ liquor cabinets. Now, I’ll guzzle anything at all, including, in desperate moments, Paco Rabanne cologne.

I’m not a bad guy—I’m well educated. I love my mother. I floss semi-regularly. So, how did I wind up like this, at thirty- years-old? Allow me take you back to where it all began, as I remember it... 

About the author

After a thirty year career as a film and TV director/screenwriter, Jeffrey Pohn enters the world of non-fiction writing with his new memoir, ‘BLOTTO: Adventures in Alcoholism / Ruin to Recovery’. Jeffrey lives in Ojai, California, with his wife, Poosy, and their dog, Baby. view profile

Published on October 07, 2019

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Genre: Biographies & Memoirs

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