Binding Fate (The Fates Align Series)



Can it be enough to save her?

Alzerion never felt such agony, such uncertainty, such heartache. This would be the hardest life-changing decision yet, but what could be done? He vowed to protect Princess Aironell, but at what cost? Torn...will he set aside long-held loyalties to the Crown and give in to the Rebellion, or will his fate be aligned with the Crown​ forever?


One cold dreary night, a wild wind blew. In the kingdom of Bachusa a terrible storm ensued. It was raining and not just a slight drizzle; but rather a fast-paced, hurling storm. The sky was so dark, that only a few pockets of light trying to creep through were able to escape. As the seconds ticked on a loud booming sound could be heard. Then lightening stabbed the sky.

As if it could not get any worse, the wind was blowing so hard that it was practically howling. The Palace stood majestic even in the storm. It was an enormous gray structure with large ornate mahogany doors that had a fleur- de-lis with a crown inside a sparkling heart. There were many rooms inside all intricately laid out. On one side of the Palace a colossal tower loomed down. On this day, the beautiful gray stones looked dark and imposing, like a warning; as the townspeople walked.

This weather worried many townspeople as they were trudging through the terrain to arrive at the Palace. The women had on long dresses of a plain sort. Most of the dresses were simple with their hair pulled back in a bun or a braid, so the women tried to keep their dresses free of mud for the occasion. Only women from the royal family or the ancient family of sorcery wore dresses that were more elegant. The men dressed just as simple, with long dark pants and black boots that came up knee-length. Their shirts were loose fitted off white, crème, or beige colored.

Everyone knew that not attending was not an option today and nobody wanted to be absent. Once they arrived and furrowed into the Throne Room, it was plain to see how loyal the people were. It was a huge room with crystal and gold chandeliers and at the far end of the room, up front, were the King and Queen’s thrones that stood tall, ornate, and majestic. The room was packed with people. Even the children were on their best behavior. After what seemed like a long time, finally all eyes were up front.

The King and Queen stood and smiled at the sight before them. The King was a tall man that looked even taller in his black boots, as he stood his dark curly hair frothed over his crown. The people watched and thought he looked regal in his long black doublet. Which was lined with gold trimming along the sleeves and down the middle and black pants. The Queen perhaps was the only one that rivaled him in appearance, with her dirty blonde hair in a

braid held by a silver butterfly clip with gorgeous ruby jewels. She wore a long deep red ball gown of velvet with a damask pattern that was all in gold. Off to their right a boy of about thirteen stood beside them, dressed in black slacks with the black and red cloak that symbolized his position at the Palace. The townspeople knew all too well that he must be Alzerion, the boy that the King and Queen had been aiding to get an education. Finally, they saw the King nod and Alzerion bent over a light pink basinet with white lace trimming. When he emerged, everyone saw her. The Princess, that was long awaited, was cradled in his arms. She was snuggled in her light pink blanket with red roses embroidered over it.

As Alzerion stepped away from the basinet the Princess opened her sparkly cerulean blue eyes and looked out at all the people. Instead of crying she moved her lips into what looked like a smile as she held a silver rattle. The

townspeople smiled, clapped, and cheered for the Princess. The King raised his muscular arms and some of the chatter died down.

Then the King said in his deep voice, “Alzerion will be the Royal Watcher for Princess Aironell.”

There was more applause and cheering that stopped once Alzerion took out a necklace from his pocket. He held the beautiful heart-shaped necklace in one hand. It was so radiant that it sparkled in the light. The necklace was called the Lost Hope, and it was his gift to the Princess. The townspeople oohed and awed as he put it on Aironell. Once this was done he walked toward the Queen and placed Aironell in her arms and stepped off to the side. Then the King and Queen moved forward and held Aironell up and out for all to see once more. The applause and pleasant chatter rebounded across the hall because everyone was excited that there finally was a royal child.

Those who were not happy were planning something. Something that was so evil it would upset all of Bachusa. While all the townspeople were feasting on behalf of the Princess; outside stood someone peering in, someone seeing the happiness and hating it. In the years to come he would prove to be quite destructive and devious.

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Alyssa Rose is an author of MG and YA fantasy. She is an avid reading of all things fantastical and magical, since age 8. She is currently working on The Mysterious Magic Carpet Series and Clara’s Mystical Quest. She enjoys teaching, knitting, and spending time with her husband and daughter. view profile

Published on March 27, 2018

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