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Big Scoop of Something


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The picture book that children of all ages should be reading. It helps provide children with messages that promote positive daily thinking.

Big Scoop of Something by author Matt Scott and illustrated by Ana Sebastian is the first book to be featured out of the children’s picture book series called FIND SOMETHING AWESOME! This series centers around promoting positive thinking and other uplifting traits that children can use to enrich their own daily lives. The narration style is quite catchy and follows a rhyme scheme.

The illustrations created by Ana Sebastian within Big Scoop of Something are cheerful depictions of family members, layered together with bright happy and mostly pastel colors that will fascinate children of all ages. You can sense the emotion that is playing out on the pages through the storyline as well as the images themselves. Both work together seamlessly to solidify the message that is carried through the book, that message being to know that the power to create a fulfilling and positive day and life is within yourself.

I feel that Big Scoop of Something would be an excellent addition to any pre-school or elementary school facility, as it is very vital to instill these worthwhile thought mentalities and traits earlier on into the minds of children in today’s world.

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Author/poet, I have had a passion for words before I could hold a pencil in my hand. A loving mother played secretary to a willful only child who demanded her "poetry" written down. I have given birth to one paper-child that I entitled Podunk Moon. I'm also a reviewer with Readers' Favorite.

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My name is Matt Scott. I am a husband, father, and successful businessman who was looking for material to help me teach my children the capabilities they have for their own happiness and success. I found little, and of that, confusing messages. So I created it myself! I hope you find it useful view profile

Published on May 01, 2018

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