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Not for me 😔

I did not expect much as I don't typically like historical fiction. Sadly, not a book for me.

This was a unique spin of the second world war and I did that concept very interesting. Two brothers, Avi and Zevi, have experienced life in the concentration camps and are left with the trauma of their experiences. One thing they are in agreement on is that the Nazi's must be stopped. What they cannot agree on is how this should happen.

This story, I have to admit was beautifully told. I did not know until I was part way through the story that this was the second book in a series and I think it did well to stand on its own and not rely on book one to give you all the relevant information. However, I do feel like I may have missed out on an experience having started mid-series. The story did very well to tell the harrowing story of those in the concentration camps and really cause the reader to question how people can be so cruel to each other. It did have that emotional impact.

However, historical fiction is not exactly my favourite genre and whilst I found this book easy enough to read, I did find my attention slipping on occasion due to not being invested. It was a good enough read but not for me.

This is a story I would recommend if you enjoy lyrical writing in an historical fiction setting. There is a clear plot focusing on the second world war and the Nazi's so if that interests you as a reader I would also recommend this story. However, as mentioned above; this is book two in a series so please ensure to read the first book before picking this story up.

Thank you to Reedsy and the author of this book for the advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

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Jonathan Blazer is an Air force veteran, having served six years overseas. Mr. Blazer, born in Montgomery Alabama, has spent more time traveling and writing on the road than living at home. He is the author of a Psychological Horror Novel; "Out of the Night." view profile

Published on March 27, 2020

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