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A young assassin. A tough guy from the future.

Is their friendship strong enough to survive the storm?

Born on a tough urban planet in the future, Beano Grigio graduates from gangs to mobsters. Moving confidently through the underbelly of alien worlds, Beano is recruited for his most dangerous assignment yet.

After the death of his mother, nine year old Billy's only salvation is to be trained as an assassin. Accepted as an apprentice, Billy must learn to survive the secrets of space-time travel, as he becomes the most lethal assassin of all.

As the unlikely duo from different galaxies share the hardships of combat training, a binding friendship develops that will power the explosive events to come. When the mission goes wrong will the two friends survive?

Beano Grigio was a confidence trickster. He didn't really know what he was doing here, because Beano Grigio moved on the edges of the underworld.

He knew enough about his host to know that he was one of the good guys. When he had received the invitation to dinner, he had thought it was a joke. There wasn't a great deal known about Lord Stiletto in the general 'Verse, but there were all kinds of myths and legends about his home, the fabled tech star, Sunshine, on the edge of the Horse Head Nebula, his incredible team of genius scientists and engineers, and of course his dinner parties. In truth there was virtually nothing known about Lord Stiletto, but in the dark fringes of the 'Verse where Beano comfortably moved, there were plenty of rumours.

Beano was dying to use the bathroom. That was another one of those rumours. It was said that it was never the same one twice. It was said that when one entered, the room was selected from thousands. It could be an exact replica of a Roman bathroom, replete with senators communally sharing the other pots, a spotless iridium creation from some Nebulan designer, or the famous ceramic urinals from the lavatory of a public house in the centre of Liverpool. 

Beano Grigio might have been an intriguing and questionable character, but that didn't mean he wasn't cultured. Still he was bursting. The reason for his reticence was that rumour said that the bathrooms weren't facsimiles but the real thing, and worse, anyone rude enough to disturb the harmony of Stiletto's table, or unwise enough to try to turn the occasion to their advantage, would find themselves exiting their bathroom, and finding themselves in a cafe or a diner somewhere in the middle of nowhere, on the far side of some forgotten planetary system.

Lord Stiletto was aware of his guest’s discomfort. Beano needn't have worried. The only guests at his table were very close friends, or in Beano's case, those that were going to be. For Lord Stiletto was a Master of the space time continuum, and Beano Grigio had a very interesting future.

About the author

Jhedron Luckspar lives in a small Cotswold village in England. He enjoys travel, playing saxophone in a band, and dining with friends. He is the author of three time travel adventure novels and a book of Science Fiction short stories. view profile

Published on June 28, 2018

30000 words

Genre: Time travel

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