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A fascinating autobiography in the form of a travel guide, a must-read for scuba enthusiasts and travel-hungry parents.

Jalbert has written a brilliant travel-log about Bonaire, an island off Venezuela's coast in the Southern Caribbean and a place I had never heard of before this book but now have to suffer the urge to visit during lockdown! The author highlights plenty of natural attractions and activities to pull visitors in, describing particular dive sites and areas of natural beauty in great detail for the mind's eye. The book maps out a whole 7 day excursion, sparing no detail on what activities a visitor must try their hand at (especially diving) and how idyllic the environment is.

What I find most interesting about this travel book is that it discusses how dramatically experiences change if you have a little one depending on you. Parenthood naturally demands some major sacrifices. Restrictions on your feeling of freedom are inevitable when the child is still very much dependent on you, which Jalbert skillfully discusses whilst comparing his experiences of the island in his younger years to fatherhood. This book really does teleport me to this island, despite having never heard of it let alone seen, making me feel as though I have escaped the UK lock-down and headed for an adventurous holiday in Bonaire.

Throughout reading, you are able to appreciate the cultural and natural history of the utopian island, as well as learning a bit about some of its inhabitants whilst understanding the importance of preserving islands like Bonaire for generations to enjoy as much as the author does, generations including that of his young son. Environmental awareness and the encouragement for people to fully immerse themselves in exploration of the sea accentuates the author's expression of genuine love and admiration of this island.

This island guide is expertly written and a very enjoyable read for anybody who loves to hear about the extensive travels of others, in locations perhaps unheard of to the many, in the hopes that they might inspire a spontaneous adventure of their own.

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Andrew Jalbert is an award-winning photographer, writer, and doting father. Throughout his twenty-five years as an archaeologist, scuba instructor and dive guide he has traveled extensively, publishing work on prehistoric sites, shipwrecks, travel, dive safety, and marine conservation. view profile

Published on April 15, 2020

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