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Awakened Runes


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This book is a jaw-dropping, heart-pounding, epic fantasy thrill ride from start to finish and I loved every minute of it.

Awakened Runes is a jaw-dropping, heart-pounding, epic fantasy thrill ride from start to finish and I loved every minute of it. This book is the first in the new Rune Fire Cycle Series and chronicles the two heirs of a kingdom ravaged by darkness and their imperative desire to survive. But how can they withstand such forces of darkness? After the abrogator kills the King and Queeen, a spell is enacted which allows for the two male heirs, Bryndor and Lluthean, to hide and to then escape with their uncle Kaellor into safety. But how long can they hold the dark forces at bay? Additionally, this is also the story of Karrigan, who is a part of a military group called the Outsiders and must protect herself from assassination attempts as well as a deep conspiracy that could overrun the whole land. There is also Laryn, who is trying to survive trials in the Korjinth Mountains. All their tales are connected in ways you will not understand until you read it for yourself!

There are a lot of different paths within this story and a lot of various characters as well, but don’t let the vast scale of this book put you off! It’s actually one of my favorite aspects of the book. There is so much story here, so much history and it was such a joy to dive into the deep end of this world. I’ll admit, I am such a sucker for displaced royals who have to reclaim their throne or homeland. Those kinds of stories are so interesting to me, because you watch a character lost everything, discover who they are, and really watch them grow as a person, which is definitely the case in Awakened Runes. All the characters in this book are really just so very well developed. I look forward to reading more of this series!

If you are a fan of the fantasy genre, then I can personally guarantee that you will love this book, especially if you particularly love high fantasy or epic fantasy. Do you like Tad Williams, Brandon Sanderson, or David Eddings? If so, then this is the book for you! This book really does have it all; fantastic world-building, interesting characters, and a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Don’t miss this one, folks! 

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Chapter One: All Bindings Crack

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I'm a middle-aged ER doctor in central Iowa who has labored for far too long to produce a work of fantasy to which I can attach my name. But here it is and I hope you will take a chance with your time and energy to give my story a try. See the website for inspirations/links and thanks in advance! view profile

Published on July 31, 2020

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