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Assigned to Ghost


Worth reading 😎

'Assigned to Ghost' has an engaging storyline but is let down by poor editing

Pike Evans is a down on his luck ex-military driver who gets co-opted into delivering a secret government consignment. His performance impresses the actual driver of the truck, who then asks Pike to join this elite team. But Pike needs to overcome his fears as well as win over the rest of the group. Will he be able to do it?

'Assigned to Ghost' is a relatively small story. It is quite engaging with its mix of interesting characters, military boot camp setting and its road trip oriented story. Most of the story is not that original. We have seen multiple versions of the boot camp story before. But, somehow, the author is able to take these stale ingredients and makes the whole mix seem fresh and entertaining. The story compelled me to keep reading till the very end. 

But all is not well. The whole structure has a weak foundation, and that is the horrid editing. There are issues on the first page itself. The tenses mix - past tense holds hands with future tense and then goes back to mingling with present continuous. Initially, I thought that this story was about time travel and that the author was trying to show the protagonist existing across the timelines. But then it became evident that this whole thing is an editing problem. The middle of the book seems ok. But then the issues crop up a lot towards the end. It is as though she was facing a deadline and had to finish the book in a hurry. And yes, the ending is quite abrupt too. I spent some time trying to see if I got a bad copy. But then, when I saw some other reviews, I realized that the book did, in fact, end suddenly.

So, in conclusion, I think there is a lot of potential in the story and character. But the writing needs to be a rigorous editing effort to make the story live up to its potential.

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Published on September 09, 2020

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