Aspiring, Part 1 of the Siblings' Tale


Not for me 😔

Selfish and contrite characters mixed with little plot make this book a hard read.

Selfish and contrite characters mixed with little plot make this book a hard read. I really hoped for and expected a lot more from this book. However, by page fifty, we had reached no conflict other than the main character making an embarrassment of herself. This wasn’t even an exciting part, because the most the main character did was complain how much she hated her brother and denied her interest in her brother’s best friend. For me, the plot just never kicked into high gear the way I expected it to from the book blurb.

Another hard point was that the characters themselves were not well defined. We didn’t learn the main characters name until almost page 30 and the brother and brother’s best friends (whose name I have forgotten) were so interchangeable that the relationship between the best friend and the main character were creepy and cringe worthy at times.

The writing itself was mediocre at best, while I didn’t catch any grammar mistakes, the passive voice made entire chapters yawn worthy. I longed for deep description and emotions from this text, but received what felt like third grade language intended for a high school audience. This made the narrative feel both sluggish and belittling. Two factors I do not appreciate as a reader at any age.

The setting was decent enough, but I never got a good feel of where the characters were. The best place described in the story were the mothers garden in the first chapter and the big tree that the main character sits under. With a completely new world intact, I really longed for deep, narrative description that set the pace of the story and the world building, but the book failed that task for me.

While I do feel there would be an audience among young teenage girls, I overall just don’t think this book hits the mark when it comes to favorites and I’m not sure that many will be able to relate to the story, in large part to some of the content (i.e. how much the main character spends complaining) and to the narrative of passive third person.

Because of everything mentioned above, I would have to rate this book a 2 out of 5 stars. I think some who enjoy the lure of cozy fantasy will enjoy this, but if you are looking for strong, descriptive fantasy and dynamic characters, this book isn’t a match for you.

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Published on May 31, 2019

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