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A soundtrack from the eighties forms the backdrop of this futuristic tale of unexpected love and redemption.

Love is sometimes found in the most unexpected of places. In a Colorado mountain town filled with light-skinned humans, Adam stands out. Though he resembles the others in appearance, his differences are more significant than might be expected. Adam is an android, struggling to find his place after escaping from the Bio-Core facility moments before being destroyed. He finds his way to the town of Ashwater and does everything he can to override his innate tendencies and appear “human.”

Singularly focused on fitting in, Adam is not prepared to meet Evie, the daughter of the sheriff and the first human to make his heart skip a beat. Evie’s passion for sketching and Adam’s similar love of music and dancing connect them as they fall hard for each other. When Adam’s violent training bubbles to the surface, however, he is forced to run away, ultimately divulging his secret to Evie from his hidden refuge. Soon, Adam is recaptured by Bio-Core, and it is up to Evie and their friends to rescue him and return him to his true home.

Young adult fiction fans of all ages will fall for this story and likeable characters. Tied to iconic music from the eighties, the story even has a soundtrack that can be found on Spotify. Readers will recognize similarities to the Terminator films, and fans of Cinder will appreciate the connections in this story from the android perspective, as well.

Written in an active, engaging style, this story keeps readers connected from beginning to end. Occasional strong language, moderate levels of violence, and moderate romantic discussion make this story better suited to more mature teen readers. Well-orchestrated pacing places readers in the emotional mindset of the characters, particularly when Evie and Adam do recognizable and cringe-worthy things as their relationship blossoms.

This book includes an air of mystery balanced with just enough conflict and action to appeal to a wide range of readers. Thoughtfully designed, readers will feel a sense of finality upon reaching the end of book one, but they will feel compelled to seek answers to lingering questions in the subsequent books in the series. Fans of the action in Divergent and The Hunger Games—especially if also interested in eighties references—are sure to enjoy this book.

Grades 10-12

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Published on December 18, 2019

Published by Parker West Books

70000 words

Genre: Young Adult

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