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An interesting read with a varied pace and intriguing characters for older Young Adult readers.

I read a lot of Young Adult fantasy fiction, and especially love stories of vampires and werewolves. So when I read the description of Arcamira, by Hannah Sandoval, I knew that this was a book that I was going to need to pick up and read.

Initially, I had a hard time getting emotionally involved with the book. First, I had to learn more about the land of Arcamira and get used to being in that world. In a lot of fantasy books, at least in my opinion, I think that there is a time of adjustment as your mind has to learn about a world different from the one that we live in. Once I learned enough about the new land and the people in it to begin to lose myself in the plot line, I started having fun.

My other difficulty was that I had just finished a very fast-paced book and was in that head space. Arcamira is not fast-paced. In fact, there are many very descriptive passages that slowed the pace down. Once I got adjusted to the slower rhythm of the book, I began to enjoy it much more.

One silly point, that will show my age, is that the name "Atalanta" made me think of the album "Free to Be, You and Me" and the reading of the poem "Atalanta" by Marlo Thomas and Alan Alda. Especially in the beginning of reading the book, I was hearing their voices in my head saying the name Atalanta. (Not sure what I'm talking about? Check out this video on YouTube: )

I would recommend this book to older readers of the Young Adult genre. For younger teens, some of the scenes might be a bit too much. But all in all, it is an entertaining read.

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Hannah Sandoval is a full-time manuscript ghostwriter and editor, and founder of PurpleInkPen, having dedicated her life and career to her love of books and crafting stories from a single spark of inspiration. Her passion lies in fantasy, mystery, and horror. She lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee, US. view profile

Published on March 01, 2020

Published by Cosmic Egg Books

150000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Epic Fantasy

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