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Anya Chases Down the End


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A compelling read for any literary admirer with a sense of motivation!

Anya Chases Down the End is a fictional novella written by Jeffrey Yamaguchi and published in May 2021. At just a little over 100 pages, the story is easily read in one sitting and captivating enough to pull a reader in from the beginning. The main character in the story, Anya, is surprisingly mature for her age, which is a large part of the story than one could imagine. 

Having just graduated from high school, Anya has somehow faked her way into a summer internship working in an environment that she can only dream to have one day be a real career of publishing. She's struggling to meet deadlines and protect her real age and experience, all while gaining insight into the world of publishing. She jumps hurdles and forges her way into the publishing group with little hiccups, that is, until the night that it could all come to an end. Anya is trusted with a manuscript with a deadline that she is responsible for. She's confident in her abilities and is determined to show her capabilities when a strange encounter leaves her in a frenzy to search for the missing/stolen manuscript that could make or break her career. The story that follows is a whirlwind of adventure while Anya is dedicated to locating the manuscript and completing her job. 

Anya Chases Down the End is a fantastic read for a reader of any genre, but I would find it especially fitting for someone who enjoys coming-of-age stories and poetry. There's drama and chaos, romance, literary excitement, and a remarkable sense of humor within the story that I found enjoyable while reading. I was impressed with the author's ability to showcase a young main character with a sense of motivation and desire for a successful future. Along with the impressive storyline, I was pleased to see that the story was professionally edited to include no distracting spelling or grammar errors along the way. 

As someone who has always had that childhood dream of working in the world of literary publication, I found the main character to be relatable and realistic, and perfectly fitting for the storyline. I'm honored to share my rating of 5 stars with my fellow readers and hope others will enjoy the story of Anya as much as I have.

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At the age of 26, Jeffrey Yamaguchi quit his job, threw himself a retirement party, and believed that he could make a living publishing zines. It didn’t work out, but he continues to dream the dream while writing books, stories, and poems, and working in the publishing industry. view profile

Published on May 26, 2021

20000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Young Adult

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