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Anxious for Answers: The surprising truth about anxiety, and how you can master it for good!


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For those challenged with Anxiety, this book offers hope and some helpful information.

Anxiety is a natural response, but what happens when it becomes too much for a person to handle? The new book Anxious for Answers from Dr. Ilene S. Cohen addresses the causes of anxiety, how they affect the human body, and what one can do about it.

Dr. Ilen's text feels open and warm, leading to a very important message: anxiety disorders are not your fault, but it is up to you to address them. She illustrates the important context of good anxiety versus chronic anxiety, and how it can spread through families. For readers who have suffered from anxiety disorders for a long time, this book may contain feelings and examples of behaviors the reader is well familiar with. Dr. Ilene offers how-to options, including how to preserve inner calm during chaotic situations, build relationships that are stronger because there is less of a need to react poorly to anxiety, and healthy ways to "self-soothe."

One of the most fascinating portions of Anxious for Answers focuses on the physical effects of stress and anxiety on the body, including symptoms like headaches and weight gain, but also the more profound effects, like illness that can over take the body when it does not have time to rest and repair itself.

Dr. Ilene does advise that it can become very easy to try to self-medicate anxiety through the use of dangerous methods like alcohol and drug use in an attempt to silence the anxiety, versus learn to move through it. Anxious for Answers does offer thoughtful methods and exercises to help the reader through the day to day, but be advised this book is not a replacement for therapy or doing the work to manage anxiety. Every reader is different, and some methods that may work well for some, may not be as effective for others. Still, Dr. Ilene's words are soothing and understanding for a condition that often is overlooked or ignored by the general population that does not suffer from chronic anxiety.

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Anxious Without a Threat

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“Dr. Ilene” S. Cohen, Ph.D. is a psychotherapist, professor, and blogger. She is also the author of the popular self-help guides, When It’s Never About You and Anxious for Answers, as well as co-author (with Rabbi Aryeh Weinstein) of It’s Within You. view profile

Published on April 25, 2020

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