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A rollercoaster dystopian survival story of a woman and how she deals with abuse, violence and trusting others.

I read Anna in two sittings and the readers will get sucked into this dreadful and violent world after our world as we know it has fallen apart.

The world building is a bit too thin for my liking. We get a few mentions of what happened, cyber attacks to take out government institutions, data leaking and countries going to war with each other, but nobody knows who really started it and in the end civil war and anarchy rules the world. The time frame that has been given for big events range between a decade and six years, but Anna has been on the run for over 900 days by herself in the Unlands (outside of towns run by various groups).

There is no internet but some people managed to get some radios working.

Will is basically a psychopath-murderer with a caveman complex. Me protect Anna, me want my one piece of woman!

I guess the war brought out the worst of this man and the author wanted to portrait this in her novel.

Anna herself wants to survive and take care of herself, she also doesn't seem to like community and the old standard family values, hence the feminist attribute to this story.

The writing was enjoyable, but I found certain words and phrases overused. Especially Wills "I want to protect you", "You are mine" and the word "weak" got on my nerves pretty fast.

The content is not for the faint of heart. Warnings for torture, abuse, rape, violence and murder. I just read Dark Horse by Susan Mihalic before I picked up Anna, which dealt with the same content warnings and now I'm ready for something nice and fluffy.

The content would be great for buddy reads as there's heaps to discuss and I love the big "What if...?" questions. I hope that we never have to explore who we are as humanity in this kind of scenario. For me personally, the ending wasn't satisfying, I won't spoil it, but let's just say it's a very open ending (not a fan).

I'd recommend this to readers who enjoy exploring humanity in a new dystopian setting and how justice and values could change for the better of worse.

3 stars for being a quick read with lots of things to think about, but prepare another uplifting book after this bleak new world.

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Published on May 27, 2021

Published by Solaris

100000 words

Contains graphic explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Science Fiction

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