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And the Silent Spoke is a rich collection of true stories based on one woman’s adventures exploring some of Earth’s most remote indigenous villages in a quest to discover ancient medical treatments. By projecting herself into the future as an old lady, the author recounts stories from her twenty-four years of trekking through the Amazon, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea and the Republic of the Congo. These are the expeditions that allowed for endearing encounters with elders, traditional healers and villages, yet also brought difficult challenges including oppressive swarms of bees, arrests by police, and incidents with tribal fighting. Along the way are heartbreaks such as witnessing the escalating devastation and demise of lands, cultures and species. During her journeys, Amy discovers much more than the healing plants she expected to find: a vibrant, endless network of love, friendships, and humanity unlimited by time, space, language or culture—and a deeper realization of the critical significance of every life form on Earth.

She held the small mirror and stared at its reflection. Her smooth youth- ful skin had long been replaced by deep lines and crevices. Her eyes, which had witnessed countless wonders, continued to fail . . . while her thick white hair waved ever so softly, proclaiming the elapsed years.

Slowly, she lifted her hand and gently wiped a tear that was forging a path across her cheek.

How can this be? How can this possibly be?

The changes to her physical appearance had taken decades, but to her they had come quickly. So quickly that she refused to claim the physical shell of the body as her own. This body had run marathons and triath- lons and had trekked through some of the most pristine environments on Planet Earth. Yet there it was, fragile and worn by the years that had passed much too swiftly.

God, she prayed, please tell me that there was purpose and benefit for the days that I walked this Earth . . . that somehow, I made a difference . . . that somehow, my life was not in vain.

Spiritually, her heart was at peace. But there was also a heaviness. She had hoped to accomplish so much more in life, but no matter how hard she had tried, there remained incurable diseases, incomplete research, untapped destinations and unfulfilled time with loved ones.

Only in the latter years did she finally begin to realize that it had not been the countless days of work or the months exploring jungles and indigenous villages that were the most significant in life. And it had not been the accomplishments and successes that brought the greatest moments of joy. Rather, it had been the love, and the love freely shared, that had made life worthwhile. The relationships, connections . . . the chance encounters. These were the special moments of bonding in which the very fabric of life had been beautifully woven. Moments that had been divinely guided and orchestrated. And moments in which joy had often been so overwhelming that it had taken her breath away.

About the author

Amy Greeson, a graduate of the UNC-Eshelman School of Pharmacy, has led expeditions to the Amazon, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, and the Republic of the Congo, to bring awareness of indigenous cultures and their environments, and to further research in the pursuit of novel medical treatments. view profile

Published on July 26, 2019

Published by Wisdom House Books

90000 words

Genre: Biographies & memoirs

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