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All the Days After: 1st in the Foothills Romance Series


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A modern classic romance, where the heroine emerges from a tough childhood, and falls in love with the forbidden brother of her best friend.

Having had a traumatic childhood, Sophie values stability. Her fledgling career as an accountant, her move to a small community where everyone knows each other, and her close friendship with her college bestie Pippa, are all part of her newly stable adult life. Falling in love with Pippa’s bad-boy-gone-good brother Asher, all while helping Pippa plan her dream wedding, was not part of the plan. Especially as Pippa made her promise to stay away from Asher. How to honor her promise to her best friend, while navigating an increasingly close connection with newly returned Afghanistan-vet Asher, is a challenge Sophie is willing to take on! A nasty aunt who is out to fleece Sophie while ruining her new life, shows Sophie just how much community she truly has.

The tension between the hero and heroine is strong – you’ll be rooting for them to get together and find their happily ever after, and their sex scenes are tasteful while still being rawly sexual. The author sets up the dynamic well, with each of them being warned away from the other before meeting, so that when they do meet, the instantaneous chemistry is heightened by the forbidden element. The heroine is definitely a modern woman, having gone through a rebellious phase once out of her difficult youth, and the author allows her to own her sexuality without having to apologize or justify it.

For all that, Sophie is a little too perfect and all things. She is rich, but was poor; orphaned, but with family; highly educated, gorgeous, in perfect shape, able to cook, balance a spreadsheet, and hot in bed. The worst thing you can say about her is that she bites her nails. While she is a little too perfect to really identify with, the hero is just imperfect enough that you can imagine him living next door, being a part of your friend circle. Dealing with PTSD after losing part of his team in Afghanistan, he also struggles with finding his path forward, and butts heads with his Type-A dad. A reformed bad boy, he’s the sort of man you want in your corner, whether as a friend or lover, and the character development is realistic. Supporting characters populate the romance, and they’re interesting enough that you want to know if they find their own heroes and heroines. I’d definitely be interested in reading more novels set in this county, and already wonder about the lives of the supporting characters.

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Published on December 20, 2019

80000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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