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The premise of this book was intriguing, but the mystery was unsatisfying and the writing was extremely juvenile. Felt unprofessional.

The synopsis of All About Annie is extremely intriguing, as are the first few pages. We meet Annie, a woman who picks up a best-selling mystery novel only to discover that she is the main character and the story is about her college experience meeting and losing her first love. Having a book-lover as the main character and a story-within-a-story trope seemed like the makings of an original and entertaining book that I was excited to continue.

Unfortunately, the book quickly deviated from the synopsis and all of the things I was so excited about were dropped, leaving an immature, overly dramatized sort-of romance between two characters who realistically would not have had any issue reconnecting in real life.

The “mystery” in this book is highly unsatisfying. The anonymous author, which was the most compelling part of the synopsis, was figured out by the characters and revealed way too quickly. I wanted the focus to be more on Annie trying to figure out if this book really was about her and if she was in danger because of it, but instead she weirdly tip-toed around the fact that she was still in love with her college sweetheart, and his anonymity felt forced and unnecessary and a plot device to prolong Annie’s eventual meeting with him. The remaining mystery felt low-stakes and completely irrelevant to the characters’ lives. I didn’t believe that Annie would have actually been in danger or that this other person in her life would have been so devoted to hurting her – and on top of that, it wasn’t hard to guess who the villain was because of the limited cast of characters and the way they told the stories about their pasts.

On top of the plot leaving me unsatisfied, I found the writing to be extremely juvenile. Sentences were choppy, incomplete, and full of cliché phrases that could have been said in more original ways. The characters’ dialogue to one another was so dramatic and they said each others’ names way too often to be realistic. I also saw several typos in the text that should have been caught early in the editing process - I’m not a grammar snob by any means, but the errors in this were completely distracting and impossible to ignore.

I unfortunately would not recommend this book to other readers without a massive rework by the author and editors. I think the premise is great, but the execution really missed the mark and the book did not feel professional as a result. 

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Published on July 12, 2019

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