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A fantastic story filled with adventure and imagination, with real-life lessons and a positive role-model!

Alex the NOT SO Great is an imaginative children’s fiction story written by Liam Murphy. The main character in the story is Alex, a boy with a wild imagination and a thirst for adventure. When his team battles against another he is filled with devastation when he loses against the enemy’s leader, a girl named Erica. To Alex, it’s bad enough to lose, but to lose against a girl, he feels that the world is turning against him. Alex is determined at all costs to defeat the enemy, that is, until the enemy changes from a girl to a bigger and badder bully than he could ever be. Alex and Erica come to a resolution to team up together to defeat the bully and from that compromise comes a hoard of learned lessons and a new friendship.

This story is an excellent fictional read for younger children with a sense of imagination. The story flips back and forth between reality and the imagination of Alex, but is depicted in a way that it fills the readers mind with the pure adrenaline and imagination that is fueling Alex through his adventures. What I liked most about this story was the lessons learned by the main character through his adventures. There are lessons about responsibility, respect, and discipline thoroughly explained. Though he is a child, Alex is depicted as a responsible role model for other children by his way of learning from his mistakes and taking responsibility for his actions.

Alex the NOT SO Great is a great book choice for children who are seeking adventure in their stories but also need a bit of guidance for their choices. I was especially pleased with Alex’ reactions to his chores when listed by his mother, as he didn’t argue or object, he simply accepted responsibility for his actions and took his chore punishment because he knew he had made a wrong choice.

I’m pleased to rate Alex the NOT SO Great by Liam Murphy 5 out of 5 stars and would gladly recommend it to any child or parent who is looking for a fun story that will help build some character.

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Published on October 10, 2020

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