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Adventures of a Pangopup


Loved it! 😍

A rhythmic book that educates; world-changing and welcomed. May we rally together to save endangered and misunderstood animals everywhere!

As a mom I'm consistently on the look-out for new and upcoming books and series to read-aloud to my kids or to have them read independently. I'm happy to have stumbled upon the Endangered Misunderstood series by Terri Tatchell via Reedsy Discovery!

This book comes to life, in part, because of the beautiful and delightful illustrations by Ivan Sulima. The illustrations make the words of Terri Tatchell shine, carry the story-line forward, and keep children engaged.

My 9-year-old daughter and I were introduced to pangolins for the first time via this book! The fictionalized tale goes into detail about how the young sometimes think they've outgrown their parent's rules and that their parents are over-protective. However, in the end, the story is brought back around to show that parents are usually right in their assessments and brings home the point that "there's no place like home" snuggled up with one's mum.

When the pangolin, Pangopup, first sneaks away he waits for his mom to fall asleep and start snoring. My daughter laughed out loud because I've been known to snore from time-to-time myself. From snoring to the "noxious smell" that sometimes escapes the pangolin's behind there's plenty to smile about! All words written and shared are done so in a fashion I'm able to label as "Mother Approved." Nature is described honestly but in a refined manner that's enough to illicit laughter from the kids among us. Kudos to the author; well done!

The one critique I have is in relation to the wording of this book having been broken into stanza's. The rhymes are, for the most part, presented within 4-lines that are meant to be complete thoughts within themselves; however, on page 15 the words and thoughts of Pangopup's friend, Dik Dik Deer, break the pattern. One line leads to the next with a thought that ends up being separated between stanzas. This breaks-up an otherwise flawless flow and becomes a distraction.

High praise for the ending of this children's book that goes from fictionalized tale to factual truths! The last pages of this book include "how to draw" sections of the main protagonists, fun facts; and, an action plan of how we may all do our part to save the pangolins from extinction.

I highly recommend this book for parents to read-aloud to their children and/or for elementary aged children to read independently. It's a good read!

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Reading books and writing reviews brings with it every emotion under the sun; forever changing, forever changed, and I wouldn't have it any other way. May my words not only help fellow readers but also the authors of the books we read.


Pangopup is convinced he is old enough to leave his burrow and explore the great big world outside. When his mother disagrees, the naughty pup waits for her to fall asleep and sneaks away. Outside, he meets a mischievous dik dik who is eager to show him some fun. However, the dik dik’s idea of fun isn’t necessarily pangolin proof, and Pangopup finds himself in more and more danger as their explorations of the African landscape take them further from his burrow.

“There was a little PANGOLIN whose name was Pangopup. He rode upon his mother’s tail and dreamt of growing up. He practiced all his pango ways to keep him safe and sound, yet mother wouldn't let them leave, their burrow in the ground. ”

About the author

Terri is a writer known for her Oscar and BAFTA nominated work on ‘District 9’. Her love for animals and allegory have united in the creation of the ‘Endangered and Misunderstood’ series, giving the underdogs of endangered animals a lyrical voice filled with laughter, adventure and relatable themes. view profile

Published on September 04, 2020

Published by Fielding House Press

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Genre: Picture Books

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