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Treason is committed in Eiheal, the realm of the Immortals. The Ancestral god and his progenies are awake. Eiheal is in disarray. The First son of the regnant god has stolen the forbidden book of the Ancestral god and set off to earth, to punish the mortals for their apostasy. Adangara is the only hope of the mortals.


Those of the gods

born ;

are the mirrors of the gods.

Nature and her elements will

no supremacy over them.

And they are entrusted

Authority, Power, and




Beyond the realm of the mortals lay — a diverse realm magnificently forged by the Father of Immortality from the essence of his most sacred creation: his wife, Oyine, the first mortal and the goddess of his heart. Drenched in her love, he called the realm Eiheal, which means: in her bosom, my dwells. The Ohiku Ori [ancestral god] built twelve realms — Zerineoheal, Lheoheal, Ohireoheal, Harieoheal, Shraieoheal, Carikhoeheal, Kheoheal, Phineoheal, Tareoheal, Eizaeoheal, Vimeoheal, and Mereoheal — that made up Eiheal. Each representing the stars in her eyes.

In Eiheal’s laid Ohireoheal, the crystal bastion fortress of Aetavi, where he — the Father of Immortality, the Doughty Warrior, the Amethyst Potentate, the Father and Light of Eiheal, the Ohiku Ori, Adavuruku Aetavi — and his rings of successors sleep in their golden sculptures.

Behind its great doors, the fortress stood ever magnanimous in its exercise of authority, its foundation laid with pride. Forming pillars at each corner of the edifice were the four chiselled sculptures of the successors, whose hands were locked in fellowship.

Gripping tightly a mystic made wholly of azotic topaz, amethyst, and emerald, the golden sculpture of the Ohiku Ori stood behind the throne.

Sprouts of oceanic blue water known as the Spring of Harmony formed three corners of the adjacent walls. The water issued from the foundation of the edifice to the stretched arms of the Oris. It flowed steady, to and down the wet fluorite wall behind the Ohiku Ori, and parted into two heads, each travelling in a course to join at the entrance of the hall, thus flowing downwards to Earth, blessing it.

Arrayed in consonance with the semi-circular spring of harmony were the thrones of the Oris, each ornamented strips of gold leaves.

A heavy thud vibrated through the realm, summoning the Royal Council of Aetavi, the enforcers of the ancient tenets, from their private chambers. Compressing time, they appeared at the great door. It creaked open slowly and beams of sapphire light shone from the black diamond throne, revealing Adobanyi, the Ori Obanyi [regnant god], the golden-clad Redeemer, the second son of the fourth descendant of the Ohiku Ori, the monarch of Eiheal, perpetually majestic and glorious in his reign, enchanting in his magnificent blinding regalia, ornate in star-shaped diamonds.

Spiralling aloft, the throne of the Ori Obanyi was a twisted cloud of fine filaments of every existing gemstone.

Dressed in different shades of rainbow regalia, The Royal Council of Aetavi glided across the ivory-enamelled floor and over the bridge, the Ori highest in divinity at the forefront.

Bowing first in reverence to the Ori Obanyi, and in obedience to his sons, who stood planted on both sides of their father, the other Oris sat upon their thrones.

Rooted to the ground with his glorious emerald , guarding the Ori Obanyi's right hand, was the tall, chiselled, and perfectly sculptured Divinity, his second-born son — his Emerald, The Commander and Defender of Eiheal, The Keeper of the Watchmen and Successor to the Throne — The Great Adangara.

Planted on his left, clouded by an uneven texture of reverence and glory to the Ori, was the Pygmy Prince — the Hammer of Retribution — the and voice of the Ori Obanyi. His first-born and vainglorious son: Ajaagwu, the Ruby Prince.

stretched forth his ruby staff and addressed the group of Oris. "Make known what words linger in hearts but pollute the realm." His voice clapped thunderously.

"Your Senadob [highness]!” Adomu stood up and bowed in veneration. "A mystery lies unravelled before us. The mortals have chosen to bask in their treacherous rejections of the Oris, giving neither reverence nor praise to you, execrating without apology."

, who at this point had lost his head in rage, glided angrily towards Amuda, whom he believed to be the source of the poisoned words. "What is the verity?" he questioned, pointing his staff at Amuda.

"Your Senadob." Slowly, Amuda stood up. "The truth of the statement lies in whether we want to fully divulge the gravity of their apostasy." He bowed.

"Evade not the question at hand like a sly [reptile], and uncloak heart of its secrets," Ajaagwu roared, stepping aggressively towards Amuda.

The thunderous thud of the Ori Obanyi's black signet staff reverberated through the hall, and veins of golden lights travelled the enamelled floor of the hall, calling Ajaagwu to order and humbling his anger. Instantly, they all recoiled.

"This is an affront to the Oris." Adomu broke the stillness in the hall. "Your Senadob!" Realizing that he had spoken out of place, he quickly bowed in reverence. "These mortals take for granted your graciousness, your compassion, and your ability to look not on their erroneous and impenitent acts but your infrangible love for them. We have become an object of derision!"

The sapphire lights in the Ori Obanyi's eyes dimmed, giving way to an alluring smile.

Ignoring the message in the Ori Obanyi's countenance, Adomu continued. "It is our duty to punish them severely by reducing them to their knees until dissipated pride begs clemency and our intercession, lest we would be serving them." His words ignited fire in the hearts of most of the Oris.

A rage-filled tremor ran down the spine of Ajaagwu and anger held him by the jugular. "Never]!" he roared in an way, dispelling caution and giving no heed nor respect to the Ori Obanyi's presence.

Taking a step forward, Adangara lifted his clenched fists up in the air. Waves of cold air blew through the Oris and stilled their hearts. "Forget not virtues and acquit thyself well before Ori!" Adangara cautioned.

Hearing these words, Ajaagwu looked deep into his brother's eyes and retreated to his father's side. Paying no mind to Ajaagwu, Adangara closed his eyes and began scanning through the mortal world, hoping to ascertain the truth of the claims laid by the Council.

Opening his eyes suddenly, Adangara knelt before his father, his head bowed to its lowest. "Ori Obanyi! A good few still revere the Oris," he said and then returned to his previous position by his father’s side.

", you were my dexterous brother," the Ori Obanyi said, and with a piercing stare, he called him to order.

bowed his head in shame as his knowledge grew hairs and the light of understanding shone through. He then gradually sat on his throne and kept to his silence. "What a dolt I have been!" he whispered in his heart as he shook his head in disappointment.

Moving his attention from Adomu, the Ori Obanyi's eyes radiated as he turned to address his Oris. "That which makes us superior is not the fact that we created that the light of knowledge and wisdom is within us. As such, we must permit the uninterrupted flow of our forbearance; we must accept and protect them despite their apostasy." His sweet melodious voice filled the hall with brightness and awakened a feeling of calmness and enlightenment within all present.

"The wisdom of the Ori is supreme!" they echoed in total acceptance before exiting the hall of Ohiku Ori.

As the doors closed, Ajaagwu's thoughts wandered off. His heart held a solid resentment towards the mortals. He could not fathom why their insolence and impertinence did not receive measure of chastisement.

"! Do not let your temper flare up; you must learn to seek repose in wisdom." The glorious blinding light that lay on the Ori Obanyi's face faded and his magnificence was revealed his sons.

"The Ori is sagacious!" Ajaagwu said with a bow, attaching every string of deceit to his words.

"Cast away that which dilutes purity," the Ori Obanyi warned Ajaagwu.

"The Ori is sagacious!" he repeated, coating his words this time with a little smile and enthusiasm.

The Ori dismissed his sons and retired to his chambers, hoping that his words would persuade the good in his son. But Ajaagwu's fury was not abated. The wise words and admonitions of his father had no effect on him.

"Your Senadob!" Amuda and Adomu, who had been waiting at the entrance of the hall, called out when the two sons glided out.

" [Prince] Ajaagwu, may we converse?" Adomu spoke softly, drawing closer to him. His mind fixed solely on his undischarged duties, Adangara exchanged pleasantries and departed from them. Deciding whether to give audience to these Oris but for the show of respect, he lent his ears.

Gliding slowly through the realm, they shared their wisdom. "Set aside whatever it is you have brewing. Our sagacious leader has called on our obedience and foresight and that we must oblige." Adomu said, patting Ajaagwu's shoulder.

"I know that as the Hammer of Retribution, it is your duty to put things in order, but we beseech you to look only on the wisdom we should have beheld and not on the ego we haul." Amuda’s words were greeted only by Ajaagwu’s piercing stare.

"Oris!" Ajaagwu paused with a smile, shaking his head as if in disbelief. He walked ahead of them before turning around and saying, "I have heard all that you have spoken and will hold onto it as though my life depended on it. As much as I enjoy receiving your wise words, I have duties I must tend to."

the indifference in his voice, Adomu urged him to think deeply what they had discussed then took his leave.

Parading the realm, his hands tightly knotted behind him, Ajaagwu's mind replayed the words at the meeting.

"Lest we would be serving them!" the fiery words of Adomu projected through and fuelled his rage. These words clawed their way from the depth of his heart and unleashed their might on his mind.

"You are right. I am the hand of retribution and I shall put things in order." He smiled as he set himself on a solemn mission, one that would implore harsh measures and leave memorable prints on the hearts of mortals. There was only one place in the realm where the answers to his quest would be in plain sight: the Iya- Uwe Ohiku [the library of the ancestral god].

Without wasting a moment, he returned to his chamber, discarding all the petty indulgence that would rob him of his commitment.

As Ajaagwu approached the marquise ruby door, it cracked apart spontaneously. Its shards, held together in its , shattered into millions of perfect cleavages tarrying in the air. As soon as he stepped through the doorway, the ruby door reverted to its original state.

" [lock]!" he commanded, and it spiked its edges, bolting it firmly into the corners of the wall.

Going to one knee, with both his knuckles pressed to the floor, Ajaagwu cast a spell of concealment to veil the knowledge of what he was about to do from his father, and any other prying eyes.

"Le Khansa Zanoze !" he spoke the words to conjure the Iya- Uwe Ohiku.

A gentle breeze whistled across his face, which spiralled into a huge whirlwind. It rose in euphoric movement, slowly unveiling a life size black crystal sculpture of a beautiful woman dressed in a golden drape with red roses her hair.

brows rose in disbelief. He had expected a little more grandeur. "Is that it, where is the room?" His voice thickened in question.

" Avudi...

" Avudi...

" Avudi!" Ajaagwu got no response. He could not fathom why nothing had happened. He glided around and came to a halt behind the sculpture. He recited the words once again and still got no response. Unable to bear any further delay, he rammed his fist into it before moving back in frustration.

With keen eyes, he watched and tried to decipher the mystery that stood before him. "Remember to speak in the tone of your father!" A voice echoed in his mind.

smiled the towering wall of the puzzle cracked and the light of understanding shone through. Moving gallantly in an oversized robe of self-aggrandizement, he leaned closer to her ear and whispered the words with great , in a tone both sweet and melodious.

Her eyes opened, and her smile shone in the room; the keeper of the Iya- Uwe, the possessor of the Uweh’Ohiku [the ancestral book] came alive. The floor of the room shook, and a radiant light burst forth, almost blinding him. Her stoned heel rose, and the tips of her toes dragged on the floor as she threw herself backwards and cemented her body to the walls, her hands swaying she filled the room with of praise.

Her song filled every inch of the room, transforming it into the - Uwe Ohiku. With all its contents shinning before Ajaagwu's very grasped its grandeur. First were its inscribed limestone walls, then came the venous enamel floor, and lastly, the levitating assemblage of dateless scrolls.

Giving no heed to the glamorous transformation around him, Ajaagwu knelt in the of the room and sang the words of praise chanted only by the Ohiku Ori and his successors. In the acceptance of this sweet chant, Uweh’Ohiku let down its spell, and slowly emerged from invisibility. got up, stretching forth his hands to lift the book. As soon as it sensed his intentions, the book retreated into invisibility, leaving Ajaagwu grabbing at emptiness.

He chuckled. "I will subdue you and retrieve all that I need," he said, moving backwards and engaging his hands in a slow repeated pattern, ruby light discharging from his fingers. He progressed straightaway in the recitation of deep ancient incantations forged by the Ohiku Ori, instantly illuminated from the void, breaking the from invisibility's hold.

Lo and behold, the sleepless goddess; the keeper and possessor of the Uweh'Ohiku; the sojourner who resides in the bosom of wisdom's beauty; the mother of Eiheal, stood with long dark hair flowing flawlessly to her hips, with ever so alluring and attractive honey brown eyes that trapped the hearts of men, an unblemished caramel skin that emitted sweet scents of roses and voluptuously dark lips that adorned her smile. This perfect pearl of beauty ceased of any effort to make a spirited fight back.

Permitting no waste of time, Ajaagwu drew closer and placed his hands on her temple. As his gaze fixed upon hers, she discharged bolts of lightning into his eyes. His scream permeated the Iya- and he fell to his knees, holding his hands to his face in anguish.

Just as quickly as he hit the ground, Ajaagwu was levitated off his knees and his body spiralled violently, his bones breaking one after the other. Blue fluid gushed from his eyes, evaporating as it touched the air. In a short moment, all froze. Red essence discharged from the goddess's eyes, as he extracted her knowledge forcefully until she was left in a void. She fell to the floor and watched as her essence floated towards Ajaagwu and crawled into his ears. The Iya- Uwe had relieved herself of her duties and assigned him as the new keeper. All the contents of the - twirled around Ajaagwu in a whirl before being sucked into his body. became pale and his bones strengthened and grew. Laid bare before him were the ancient tenets, secrets, and incantations of his progenitor, including that which he sought; the pathway into the world of mortals.

The Mother of Eiheal, the Sleepless one, rose and departed from his presence. Her departure tore the spell of concealment that he had erected, and Ori Obanyi was instantly alerted of his son's atrocity. "Son! What have you done?" the Ori Obanyi said in utter disappointment.

jumped down from the realm of the Oris, setting out on his venture to the of Amowuru, the greedy and pompous Ovosi of Okene, and the perfect bedfellow to perpetrate his impious acts.


was hosting a gathering of the guardians of the realm when he sensed an imbalance in the atmosphere. A whisper of his name called out to him. Without delay, he adjourned the meeting and raced as quickly as lightning to his father's chambers.

"Father, you called," he said, kneeling with his head bowed low before the Ori Obanyi.

"Treason has been committed." The radiant chambers of the Ori Obanyi darkened with his anger. "Ajaagwu has devoured that which we hold most sacred in his quest to reprimand my mortals. Go now and seize him by any means possible, but harm no mortal in the process." The Ori Obanyi's once sweet melodious voice metamorphosed into the explosions of thunderclaps.

"But, Father!" Adangara interjected.

"YOU!" The Ori Obanyi cast him a blazing look that sent Adangara lying prostrate. "You are the defender and keeper of the realm; the commander of the watchmen, are you not?” The Ori Obanyi questioned Adangara who dared not give any answer. "Your duties bind you to obey and not question the execution of defending and upholding the peace in the realm." He motioned Adangara to rise. "Act as such and bring him to me!"

Adangara bowed in conformity to his oath of honour.

Placing a hand on Adangara’s shoulder, the Ori Obanyi walked with him towards the diamond signet staff of wisdom and authority, which had been laid to rest on its stand. "Adangara, I am obliged to inform you of the obstacles you will encounter on your mission." The Ori faced him in seriousness. "My forefather, The Ohiku Ori Adavuruku Aetavi, by whom all the luxuries we enjoy were made, was truly sagacious and protective of all that he created. He had anticipated this havoc and many others to come from the UNCALLED. Only one Ori was ever called to protect the realm of the mortals, by bringing them hope and aid. As such, only he can exist in the mortal realm as an Ori but in an isolated place called Ahana.

Aside him, the daughters of Eizaeoheal who are messengers of the Oris and recyclers, are allowed to visit their realm every now and then to deliver to them prophesies.

“To avert wanton destruction of his precious creation, he set measures by placing limitations on the powers exercised by the Oris when in the world of the mortals.

"When an Ori descends to their world, his powers would be bound within a mortal host. And because we are sacred beings, we cannot inhabit a womb that was fashioned to bare mortals but only that which would never bare a child. We must seek the womb of an Obori,” the Ori Obanyi said.

Confused by the words of his father, Adangara begged him for further enlightenment and his father obliged him. He said "when the Ohiku Ori created our realm and the world of the mortals, he knew a time would come when we would abuse our powers. So, he devised a plan that would make the powers of the Oris limited when in their world by confining it to a mortal host. We can only exercise our powers when we are in their flesh and when their blood runs through our veins. Without being bound to a mortal host, we would not be able to exercise our full powers and would eventually lose it overtime."

"I do not see the restraint in that father," Adangara said.

"I have not finished. To execute a scheme perfectly, you must always remember your blueprint. At our birth, we are still aware of our godly world but then after a few hours, our power is bound though, not our memories which would gradually be lost when our senses adapt to theirs and our host body can speak the words their language. It is then that we are almost truly one with the host.

“We are blinded to the motive of our descent."

Adangara then asked "Father, how then would I be able to complete my mission if I do not even know who I am?"

His father replied "The mission will find you as it did us all and your memories will return. You must go to Ohunene, the Obori who would soon house in her womb Ajaagwu, and inhabit her womb, too. The ritual is being performed now."

Adangara bowed in acceptance.

The Ori Obanyi then picked up his staff and placed its tip on Adangara's hand. A sapphire light emitted from it and crawled into Adangara's hand and then turned into a green leaf.

"The leaf will germinate the land my son will destroy!" A series of quakes rumbled the floor. Adangara’s questioning eyes fell on his father's. "Do you feel the tremors?" the Ori Obanyi asked.

"Father, I must tend to this disturbance" he cried and tried to flee but was stopped when the Ori pulled him to his knees without touching him.

"The consequence of Ajaagwu's actions, I suppose. Never has there been such an occurrence in the realm." The Ori Obanyi's disappointment grew. "You may go now" he instructed.

But as Adangara was on his way out, the Ori called out, "Let your oath of honour dictate your dealings. Our lineage has been soiled enough."

For the first time in the existence of the Ori Obanyi, he knew fear.


While the Ori Obanyi and his son conversed, Mother Eiheal's spectral glided round Ohireoheal, brooding and singing sorrowfully, scarcely awed by the splendour of the realm. She disappeared and appeared at the crystal hall. Moving around it, she caressed its water walls as if in reminisce and tears streamed down her cheeks. She stopped in the middle of the hall as she caught a glimpse the Ohiku Ori behind the Aeoreh of Eiheal and started moving towards him.

Drawing closer, her stare fixed upon her sleeping husband's statute, she smiled. Coming to a stop in front of it, she ran her eyes up and down it passionately, scoping his magnificent frame. "My King, my love!" she whispered before caressing his cheek softly with the back of her fingers. With a kiss of his lips, she blew away with the wind, vanishing from the realm.


The departure of his beloved wife awoke the Ohiku Ori from his slumber. He uttered a thunderous roar, "OYINE!" The doughty warrior appeared in the fierceness of his glory, holding tightly unto his blazing mystic sceptre, he glided to the black diamond throne and sat upon it. It spun and grew in size. The throne transformed into a flaming blend of amethyst, sapphire, emerald, and ruby. In his fury, he stamped his staff on the enamel floor, each thud sending quakes around the realm, calling forth his sons from their slumber.

One after the other, the Oris emerged from their sculptures in apparition and glided toward him, instantly transforming into their godly being as they approached.

With heads bowed low and hands gripped tightly unto their sceptres, the Oris knelt before the Ohiku Ori, Light of Eiheal, in a diamond formation.

With the rude awakening of the Ohiku Ori, imbalance tore through the realm. The ever-beautiful weather became dark with red veins in the air and the blinding flash of lightning bolts. Tremors travelled from the hall of justice through all corners of the twelve realms and threw all of Eiheal into chaos.


Meanwhile in Eizaeoheal the disturbance was causing the soil in its lush garden to die hence stopping the recycling of souls. “Rehugei cabar lumtorh [amber beams from Ohireoheal]?” Ize — the Ziramakhar [General] and second resident of Eizaeoheal; the granddaughter of the Ohiku Ori and the daughter of Adavize, the first Ori Obanyi of Eiheal — who was dressed in a blue and brownish gold regalia that looked like a mixture of woven cloth and metal, whispered as she dug her fingers into the soil of Eizaeoheal and caressed it. Inscriptions resembling the ones on her body, first reflected on the floor before new Eehite inscriptions that were unfamiliar to her dominated the inscriptions on the floor. She looked up at her Mariborakhar [Governor], who was meditating in the air.

“Kut ghontos ye viraghorat [the rage of my father].” Ahuoiza — the Mariborakhar and first resident of Eizaeoheal, the first child and only daughter of the Ohiku Ori and Mother Eiheal — spoke in a sweet but authoritative voice, as she began descending.

“Svufiorok [impossible]!” Ize knelt with her head at its lowest.

“Ize, we must go to Ohireoheal immediately,” Ahuoiza said as she dropped her cloak on the floor and conjured a mystical regalia that was the colour of the sun.

“But we are forbidden from stepping foot on any realm in Eiheal except ours, Mariborakhar! The Spirit realm and the Physical can never meet,” Ize said, rising to her feet.

Turning to Ize, Ahuoiza asked, “Of whose charge is it to maintain the Chi-baraanre [spiritual balance] in the realm?

“The chorhorkama [souls] linger,” Ahuoiza said, rubbing her hands together and prayed to her father. Sapphire light with inscriptions illuminated from her hand.

“Summon the Merkaghora [Sisters in strength],” she said as she handed Ize a new regalia conjured from the Sapphire inscriptions.

Ize spun where she was and began chanting incantations to summon the sisters from the corner of Eizaeoheal.

Once they were all gathered, their regalia changed to the mystic regalia formed from the sapphire light. They all disappeared from their realm and appeared at Ohireoheal.

Merkaghora! Fortify the realm,” Ahuoiza said, before walking toward the crystal fortress. At the great door, she met the Ori Obanyi, who was praying, kneeling before it, and also the Mothers of the Oris, whose hands were placed on the floor, reciting appeasing incantations.

Paying no heed to them, she astral projected herself to the top of the crystal fortress, where she instantly echoed protection around the realms while her other self walked through the door like an apparition.

She walked to the Ohiku Ori and bowed her head. “Viraghorat hirohora t haikhari [I seek your forgiveness, Father]!” she whispered in Eizaghor and then dropped down on her knees, placing both palms on the floor, and started reciting incantations of praises. Unmoved by her presence, the Ohiku Ori invaded her thoughts, showing her what happened to her mother.

Ahuoiza, whose rage was exactly like her father’s, levitated off the floor. “Ize, t hoathspir yat sarique kut Marborakhar [Ize, I name you the Surrogate],” Ahuoiza whispered. Her eyes and body multiplied the colour and fierceness of the Sun. “I will bring my mother back,” she thought but soon sensed the Ohiku’s disapproval.

“Do not interfere.” His words echoed in her head, and she immediately took to her knees. It was as though an infinite water had quenched her fire. “You know my rules,” he said before disengaging. She touched the floor and chanted before disappearing to the ground.

“Ahuoiza, but!” Ize said as she sensed Ahuoiza departing from the realm.

“Trust me,” Ahuoiza whispered into Ize’s mind.

She crossed her hands, then descended like a translucent flame, traveling at the speed of light.

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