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ABCs and 123s for Boys


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This is a fun addition to alphanumeric curricula in preschool classrooms, especially as a way to encourage reluctant boys to participate.

Numbers and letters are the building blocks of lifelong learning. In this vibrant picture book, readers are taken on a journey through the alphabet, during which they meet an assortment of unique characters. Each page features a boy, whether depicted as a human or as an animal, whose name and activity correspond with that letter of the alphabet. Ulrich rides his unicycle, and Ben the bee bounces off a banana tree. Once the story reaches Z, a new character named Taylor rides his bike to the seaside, where a counting extravaganza begins. One whale leads through to ten tigers, adding a sequence of numbers to the full-length alphabet in one extra-long picture book.

Instead of catering to all children, this book speaks specifically to boys, as emphasized in its title. In order to accomplish this, the primary character on each page is given a boy’s name, though there is a larger variety of animals than humans depicted within the book. Additionally, trucks, dinosaurs, and other themes often associated with boys connect both to the characters and to the featured letters. Two lines of text are placed on each page, though there is no parallel structure; some lines rhyme, while others are crafted using repetition of the featured letter. Rich color fills each image, giving the book a friendly, cartoon-like quality. Letters appear in both their upper- and lower-case forms, helping readers familiarize themselves with both versions. Like the letters, each number is shown in its numeric form in the middle of the image with a corresponding quantity of creatures accompanying it on the page. Though not all of the countable animals are typically found on a beach, the images are nonetheless lighthearted and enjoyable. While the book is aimed specifically at young boys learning their letters and numbers, this book appeals to all preschoolers in its presentation; it is a fun addition to an alphanumeric curriculum in preschool classrooms.

Grades pre-k to K

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Are you teaching the alphabet to toddlers / preschoolers at home? Kids will laugh and learn with a romp through the alphabet in "ABCs and 123s for Boys." Each page features fun rhymes and scenes with ALEX the Alligator (an astronaut) to ZACK the Zebra (ziplining over the zoo).

This beautifully illustrated alphabet and counting book will tickle any child’s imagination. Each letter comes alive with a different boy’s name, character and scene. Jump aboard a pirate ship with PETE the Pirate (who plays the piano with his parrot).

It's written to make learning letters and numbers fun. With 48 pages of magical illustrations, it’s far more engaging than ‘A is for Apple.’ When kids are engaged, they’re learning. This book is the perfect launchpad for learning the ABCs, counting, and story time fun. Ages 0-5.

Dinosaurs, tigers and sharks. Cowboys, pirates and ninjas. What else could a little boy ask for!?

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Published on September 01, 2020

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