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A Woman Does It Better


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A woman fixed the world and tells us how in 34 pages, which I broke down into 399 words. Enjoy!

In 2016, my gender was poorly represented when it came to a woman president. We had been gifted one in the movie Independence Day: Resurgence only to have her incompetence get herself and her entire staff blown up by aliens in a time of superior artificial intelligence. Bill Pullman managed to survive the first Independence Day and he didn’t even have a pager. I had to do something. I had to change the minds of the tens of people who watched the movie and convince them a woman could be successful at the position. I began formulating ideas that I never expressed to anyone or wrote down. Fortunately, I didn’t have to because it turns out, another woman already became president sometime in the future and healed the world.

A Woman Does It Better is a brief 34-page read about the first woman President of the United States, written 20 years after she held office. As opposed to President Lanford, this president avoided getting blown up and actually spent her two terms fixing everything. Literally, everything. She changed the way people voted, winning her presidency by exposing herself and being honest. She redid the tax system and quit letting government officials spend money on things like hookers or whatever it is they spend it on, I don’t know, I’m not their accountant. 

Oh, she also cured terrorism - it’s completely gone now. She took care of the drug problem by telling drug dealers that they could harvest their drugs with total immunity if they did it on Mars (which she basically colonized). And that’s where this book jumps the shark. I’m from the hood and can tell you right now that no drug dealer is taking that deal. Anyway, she pretty much cures every problem ever BUT, it’s important to note that her presidency wasn’t all straight successes. Her law that required musicians listen to their album 15 hours straight prior to releasing it didn’t get passed. Sometimes the justice system just isn’t fair. 

Meant to be a political satire, I still haven’t figured out if the joke is that honesty (something lacking in politics) is what saved the world or if that a woman president, the very thing this country has avoided, was everything we needed in the first place. Give it a read and let me know what you think. 

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Published on January 31, 2020

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