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A Season of Disruption


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This beautifully written memoir is heartwarming and inspirational. It's hard to put down this book once you start reading it!

Life can present us with unpredictable situations for which we aren't ready most of the time. One such event occurred in the life of an eight-year-old child and this story is about how the family faces this devastating loss. What makes this book so powerful is the determination and courage of the family during times of distress.

When Murna Moreland loses her husband, the responsibility of her five young children falls upon her. Being a homemaker, she has no idea how to provide for her family. So she entrusts her eldest daughter, Hope, to take on the role of a guardian for her younger siblings. Murna goes to the United States to work so she can provide her children with a better life.

During the time away from their mother, the five siblings continue to live their life diligently while taking care of each other. Murna works hard every single day without losing hope and by curbing her fears so she can reunite with her family soon.

A Season of Disruption is a short yet impactful memoir written by Jacqueline P Walker. It discusses death, family, relationships, courage, and hope. Through her story, we can learn how to face challenges, and even though things might seem like they are falling apart at the moment, they will eventually fall back into place. It's all about holding onto hope and staying strong.

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I am a Caribbean American self-published author and motivational blogger who uses storytelling to entertain, educate, and encourage. My essay, "Disrupted Not Defeated," appears in The Caribbean Writer - Volume 36 (a literary journal from the University of the Virgin Islands). view profile

Published on June 10, 2021

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