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A Road to Redemption: America’s Second Revolution


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An interesting new take on Young Adult Dystopian books that you will want to check out!

I am a sucker for Young Adult Dystopian books. I've read the Hunger Games books more times than any adult probably should along with a host of other books that happen in the future when things go horribly wrong for the human race. So when I saw the opportunity to start a new series, I jumped at the chance - especially when I saw the book was set in Philadelphia, my home city.

A Road to Redemption: America's Second Revolution by, Mark Geatches is the future of the United States like you have never seen it before. Suspend your disbelief and political leanings and get ready to overthrow the government! As stated in the book description, the cast of characters is diverse and interesting. You will want to get to know them better and see how they manage to work together to change their world.

If you enjoy books like the Maze Runner series or the recently released Escaping Eleven, you will want to pick up A Road to Redemption: America's Second Revolution and give it a try!

Thank you to Reedsy Discovery and the author for my advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Special note: There is a bit of explicit content included in this book which I believe makes it a better selection for older Young Adult readers, maybe even "New Adult." As a parent, I think older high school and college are the right age and not necessarily middle school or early high school.

Another note: For those that are curious, the Parkway Central Library is an actual library in downtown Philly. Here's their website so you can take a look at this historic building and get a better feel for the setting of this book:

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