A Fraction of Momentary Love: Poems


Worth reading 😎

Soulful collection of poems celebrating various aspects of romantic love

Everything about this book of poems is fascinating, rich, and somewhat surreal--from the intricate cover art to the variety of topics covered to the words used to frame the poems.

The collection is organized under various heads, tackling emotions as wide-ranging as desire, despair, and respite. Each emotion houses several pieces, both long and short, of different structure. No two poems look, feel, or sound the same and I think it enhances their reading pleasure.

I am, personally, partial to the shorter poems in this collection because I feel they have a greater kick. Perhaps the need to express oneself in fewer words forces one to imbue them with greater depth and meaning.

My favorite poems are: Hide & Unseek, The Real Daily Her, Infatuation, Sharpa Blocks, and Switch.

The poems aren't superficial or straightforward. The slightly obscure language used ensures that each poem may reveal a different shade of meaning each time you read it. I found myself thinking over some lines and wondering whether my interpretation is the same as the author's.

Does it matter, though? Isn't the point of poetry to inspire you to delve deep into your thoughts and feelings instead of sticking to a single interpretation? I think this is certainly what this collection intends to do.

You can't breeze through these poems. It's not light reading. In my opinion, they're meant to be savored, re-read, and lingered over.

If you enjoy dipping into poems in your leisure time and experiencing the ebb and rise of emotions and thoughts that come with it, do pick up this book.

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Published on January 13, 2021

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