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A Field Guide to Gender Neutral Language - For Business, Family and Allies


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Excellent overview of 2020 gender-neutral terminology and usage for workplace, reference, or education. Would be helpful in bias training.

Mx. Roth's A Field Guide to Gender-Neutral Language - For Business, Family, and Allies, is a well-written, accessible introduction to current standards for interactions with all people, with an aim towards understanding the particular needs of the LGBTQIA community. At 7,000 words, it is short enough to be read quickly, yet long enough to cover necessary basic ground.

For many individuals of a certain age, keeping abreast of what often seems to be never-ending, rapidly-evolving terminology can feel overwhelming. Be that as it may, understanding the rights of an individual with regard to their preferences is both common courtesy and expected professionalism. It is the standard of care in medicine and the standard of behavior for everyone in 2020. Using a person's preferred pronouns should be no less accepted than addressing a physician as "Doctor," or a parent as "Mom," "Dad," or "Zaza." As Mx. Roth makes clear, though it may be awkward to change the words we use, it really is the right thing to do for everyone for many reasons, from moral/ethical to economic.

For individuals, educators, professionals and companies in need of a readable guide to bridge the gap from "How may I help you, Ma'am?" to "What can I do for you today," Mx. Roth has provided the perfect source. Furthermore, profits from the sale of the book go towards assisting homeless LGBTQ youth.

There was nothing I didn't like about this guide, and it is my sincerest wish that it will make it to bookshelves, doctor's offices, guidance counselor's offices, personal homes, and corporations far and wide.

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Published on September 03, 2020

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