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A Castle Sealed - Castle in the Wilde - Prequel Novella


Worth reading 😎

A fun novella introducing a new, unique fantasy world with a hint of mystery.

This book is a novella meant to introduce readers to a new fantasy world before the main series begins. It introduces the reader to a few key characters and sets events in motion for the first full installment of the series. Given that this is a prequel novella, the story itself doesn't have much meat to it. The plot focuses mostly on Tristan and the men with him exploring the countryside and seeking the hidden castle. Along the way, they encounter strange animals, unexpected obstacles and the mystery surrounding the seemingly abandoned castle. On it's own, it's a nice, fun adventure story. The author was very vivid in her descriptions not only of the world itself and the situations the characters found themselves in, but also of the characters themselves. Despite A Castle Sealed being a novella, Tristan and his companions are characters that feel fully fleshed-out and realized. The plot also had quite a few twists and turns to keep readers engaged.

While I enjoyed the novella for the most part, I wish Beth factored into the story more. The novella focuses almost entirely on Tristan, so the two or three chapters that feature Beth feel a bit out of place. Clearly, it's important that the reader know who Beth is for future books, but her chapters don't have any connection to Tristan's or vice versa. If the story focused on Beth and Tristan more equally, her inclusion in the story would feel more natural, but as it currently is, I feel like Beth could've been omitted from the story entirely without changing anything.

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Published on January 19, 2021

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