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8 Paradoxes of Leadership Agility


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A fresh approach to leadership agility and the barriers leaders run into staying agile.

It is pretty common for leaders to fail to keep a work balance and get overwhelmed. In leadership, there are 8 paradoxes of leadership. As a result, they fail to keep up with and adapt to change.  Using the re4 coaching model, leaders are encouraged to reconstruct the map, refresh the lens, renew the identity, and rebuild the capabilities.  As they do so, they are given techniques to adapt the techniques and strategies to real world situations.  Each of the paradoxes is presented as a “this vs. that” approach. As the author walks them through the different steps and examples of success using this coaching model.  Readers are given practical advice to help solve everyday leadership problems and redefine their leadership and be agile.   In addition to practical advice, they also provide exercises for readers to evaluate themselves and begin implementing the coaching model.  The layout is well done, but could use a few tweaks.  It would be nice to have the explanation of the paradox at the beginning instead of the end. The information is helpful and give fresh insights to readers.  The text is simple to follow and has a smooth flow and transition between topics.  I liked how they presented agility as being able to navigate these common paradoxes. The author does a great job of getting leaders to see things objectively while applying the STAR model (Situation, Task, Action, and Results) to explain each paradox. Unlike a lot of leadership books, this novel is succinct, practical, and specific.  As an experienced coach, their years of experience gives the author a sense of expert power to the reader.   However, the execution of the information fell a little bit short. It felt more like a teaser than usable practical applications.  Although it is clear they are knowledgeable and have used the model, clarification on each of the 4 steps would be helpful.  The graphics are helpful, but could be a little easier to read.  Overall, the book is a great addition to the world of available leadership books.  The information is valuable and will help leaders to improve their agility.  Although the layout could use some tweaking and some additional information in certain areas would’ve been helpful, the overall applicability is high.  This book is highly recommended for those interested in leadership, agility, an improving their overall leadership performance.

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Yeo Chuen Chuen is a multi-award-winning leadership coach. Recognized as an invaluable partner in shaping the leadership styles of executives in Fortune 500 companies, satisfied clients describe the coaching experience with her as “the only professional development a leader ever needs”. view profile

Published on May 31, 2020

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