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5 Steps to Lasting Love


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Are you in a long-term relationship and struggling to make it work?

Do you yearn for more love, joy & passion? To come home to friendship and laughter?

There are hundreds of relationship books out there.

Many are very wordy with random tips or complicated exercises to work on as a couple.

But what if your partner is too busy or doesn’t want to do them?

What if you are too busy yourself? What then?

I’m here to tell you that busy people can have great relationships -& fulfilling sex lives-too!

5 Steps offers:

Simple, actionable steps that you can take yourself;

The tools you need to start today - even if your partner is non-cooperative or busy;

A clear do-able strategy that has already worked for many people.

I’m a busy person myself- a therapist with two kids & a husband who works long hours.

I’ve been using these science-backed tips & techniques for over ten years now.

And what I am finding is they work!

Using this information, I regularly see couples go from barely speaking- to holding hands and enjoying being a couple again.

Now, I want to share how they can help you...


In modern life, many people struggle to make their relationships work. The health of our most important relationship can impact on all areas of our lives, including on our physical health, our levels of stress and anxiety, our finances, and our ability to focus at work.

In fact, a 75 years long, ongoing research project has found that the biggest predictor of long-term happiness and longevity is the quality of our personal relationships.

This book is for anyone who would like to understand how to make a relationship work in the long-term.

It is also for people in a long-term relationship that once worked but is now in distress. It aims not only to help you put things right—but also to equip you with the knowledge and skills to strengthen and protect it, and make things work in the long haul.

My own experience from years of working as a psychotherapist with both couples and individuals, is that when even just one partner puts in the effort to really understand and follow the principles in this book, it is often possible to alter the whole dynamic and turn things around.

Having said that, it is also of course the case that prevention is always better than cure; in other words, the sooner you take action the more likely your chances of success.

My purpose in writing this book is to give individuals who are experiencing a relationship crisis or are just concerned about the way things are going, a clear guide as to what they can do that will really make a difference.

Using the methods described here, I have been able to help even some couples who came to me on the verge of splitting up—thinking it was probably too late—to find and reconnect with each other again.

I have seen couples go from saying that they have not slept together for years or that their partner is throwing them out, to holding hands, enjoying family days out with their kids, sleeping together, and rekindling their romance, often within six to twelve weeks.

If your relationship is in difficulty, this book will give you a clear plan of action for reducing tension and getting things back on track.

Don’t let your most important relationship fail through a lack of effort!

The steps and tips that you are about to read, have helped many people to create positive, long-lasting change in their relationships.

I bumped into a client whom I hadn’t seen for three months, a couple of weeks ago. He had been close to splitting up with his partner, though he loved her very much. “I’ve been meaning to come and tell you,” he said, “All that stuff you told me about relationships— it worked! I couldn’t believe it! I am amazed!”

So, if what you want is to repair or improve a relationship that once (maybe long ago) was good, but is difficult now, you have come to the right place!

So, what are you waiting for?

Dive right in and start creating and enjoying the relationship and home life you deserve.


About the author

Ann Marie Taylor is a therapist specializing in relationships. She has worked professionally with people in distress for more than thirty years. Ann Marie was born & brought up in the UK and is the eldest of four sisters. She lives in County Wicklow, Ireland with her husband & teenage children view profile

Published on December 01, 2019

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