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5 Steps to Lasting Love


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Couples struggling to save, or just improve, their relationships, will find simple, straightforward and effective suggestions and resources.

I've been married for nearly twenty-four years and related to much of what the author, Ann Marie Taylor, details as pain points in a relationship, and what she recommends as solutions. This book was clearly written for both men and women to provide explanations for why relationships may be suffering, and how to begin to repair them. Each chapter provides a bullet point summary to reenforce the main concepts and recommended actions for those readers who just want to get to the point.

Ms. Taylor includes research in language that is easy to understand and supports the conclusions and recommendations made in the book. It is a quick read and worth using as a reference tool (thus reading more than once) as couples seek to practice new behaviors and strengthen their relationships.

Some relationship books can be preachy and formulaic without much practical advice. This book is neither preachy nor formulaic. Some themes are repeated throughout the book and it makes sense to include them; they are fundamental to her theories and recommendations for couples. These include our need for attention, focusing on the positive, and our need for connection. Her suggestions and stories support these three elements throughout the book without being overly repetitive.

For those readers seeking more information or guidance, the author provides additional references at the end of the book.

Her guidance is action-focused with encouragement to persist as though the work is a marathon and not a sprint. She provides various scenarios that include evidence that the other partner is paying attention even if the one practicing the new behaviors doesn't feel the positive effects immediately. By calling these things out, she helps the reader acknowledge the experience, thus validating it, and provides encouragement and support to keeping doing the work.

While she recommends that both partners should participate, she emphasizes that relationships can be improved, if given enough time, when one partner practices the simple tasks and activities outlined in 5 Steps to Lasting Love with patience and persistence.

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Terri Hanson Mead is an entrepreneur, angel investor, startup advisor, expert witness, podcaster, writer, mother, wife, and commercially rated helicopter pilot based in the SF Bay Area. She is passionate about encouraging women to live their best lives, especially those over the age of forty.


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Ann Marie Taylor is a therapist specializing in relationships. She has worked professionally with people in distress for more than thirty years. Ann Marie was born & brought up in the UK and is the eldest of four sisters. She lives in County Wicklow, Ireland with her husband & teenage children view profile

Published on December 01, 2019

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