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4 Weeks to a New You & New Life: Younger; Stronger, Slimmer Lifestyle.


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The book you have been waiting for, Eva Sundene, a founder of Shape-Up Magazine and NHSA, Norwegian Health & Spa Academy, shares her lifelong know-how with you. This unique book will lead you on a monthly journey towards a slimmer, fitter, biologically younger YOU. Thousands of Norwegian women have been following her systems, writings, and lectures to become the best versions of themselves.

Her practical how-to slimming, fitness, and make-over systems have transformed the lives of women. Her Scandinavian Health & Beauty Manual can improve your health, your looks, and well being. Weekly menus without counting calories or carbs. Delicious, filling, easy to make. Easy to follow, efficient fitness & firming program you can do on your living room floor.

Four weeks from now, you will get an amazing result if you follow her system. She says: "This book is not about fame or money. It is about helping women to be happy with their body and take care of their looks. My slogan is All women, no matter what age, can be beautiful! It is just to know what to do. My NEW YOU, NEW LIFE book tells it all."


How are you really feeling about getting older? Are you accepting it, but not exactly rejoicing in the process? Honestly, you are probably like most of us and feel slightly afraid of what is going to happen as you pass each new birthday. Will you slowly deteriorate and get wobbly in both body and mind? Will you gradually change into a different person and become a little old lady with lots of aches and pains? In the Western world, we have been victims of such a negative view of the ageing process for years! 

Ageism - worse than sexism?

Honestly, we are brainwashed by the extreme admiration of youth in media, advertising, fashion and the world of beauty in general. We look at taller-than-normal anorexic teenagers with heavy, freaky makeup on huge Bambi-eyes who are trying to look grown-up and sophisticated as they walk the runway or try to look seductively out of glossy magazine pages. But I am extremely glad that it’s starting to change. 

Age is shameless 

Telling someone your age is no longer like swearing in church. Lots of the cosmetic companies and magazines are using forty and fifty-year- old plus models, as this age group is more important to consumers than younger models. It is a fact that the richest Western consumers are older, and of course they need to be pampered, not just accepted. Money talks... 

So, whatever your age is, be proud of it. You have survived with flying colours so far, and you still have a long way to go, places to see, people to meet. You have to be fit for the fabulous future you have waiting for you. You have to feel happy with your looks and be willing to invest time and effort in yourself. This book is your guide to the very best version of you! 

Don’t worry, be happy... 

I love that melody because for me that’s what life is about. Taking one day at a time. Living in the now. Doing the best, you can in every way without being a perfectionist with sky-high stress levels. Don’t worry, be happy that you are still around, and hopefully in reasonably good health. Be extremely grateful for each new and healthy day you have on this planet. Be so grateful that you do a great job keeping in shape and having the best health you can by making a conscious effort for yourself. The best choice is to not only accept that ageing is part of living, but to learn how to combat the negative effects of life’s natural wear and tear. 

Restore and reverse 

Are you scared of the visibly increasing signs of aging you see in the mirror? Welcome to the club of women afraid to get old. Or is it welcome to the club of women who have accepted it and given up the fight for youthful looks?  

In this book, you will learn about how to make the most out of getting older and how to reverse the negative effects of ageing. I also want to share with you all the tricks of the trade I have learnt in my long life and the secret to surviving in the best possible way, to enjoy life and feel younger than the date on your birth certificate. 

Your biological age 

I’m more than 20 years younger than my real age according to test results for biological age. Why? Because I have not accepted the traditional doomsday predictions of the ageing process. I have mentally told myself. Thank you, but no thank you. I will not go down that road to losing my identity as I get older. 

I will teach you how-to reverse your biological age as well! It’s not complicated, or expensive or very time consuming, but you have to use your mind as well as your body on a daily basis. Hopefully, you will love making an effort for your beautiful self. So, promise yourself you will feel happy about your age, accept the effects aging have on you, and work on everything that can reverse the negative and promote the positive. 

Don’t hide behind extra kilograms 

I think it’s sad to see women who have traded in their waistline for cakes and comfort foods and have given up the battle with the scales and calories by just adding on dangerous flabby fat. What is so sad is that all these overweight women are eating and relaxing themselves into hospitals, health problems and lots of unnecessary pain. 

The great thing is that our bodies are extremely cooperative if we start the return-to-normal process. It will literally applaud you by quickly shedding fat and reducing inches. You will have healthier glowing skin and feel happier about yourself! Your mind will be lighter too, and you will gradually return to yourself as nature designed you! 

Your life is worth the effort 

It’s far better to be a member of the club for women with a healthy lifestyle. That will be your insurance for a great life, good health and lasting good looks. When you look in the mirror and see that life is slowly slipping down to your ankles, don’t be scared! You can do a lot to drag it back into place and become biologically younger, firmer, fitter and happier with your looks and your life. Will this take surgery, implants, expensive treatments and luxury products? Am I talking personal trainers and hours of daily work out, starving diets and hours of egocentric self-care? 

Anti - ageing lifestyle

No, no, no!! I’m talking about a regime that can turn the clock back, improve your health, body and beauty all at a very low cost with a low maintenance level. You already have most of what you need for a New You around you in your own home and in your own body. It requires some effort, and at least 30 minutes a day. In this book, you will find all the advice and knowledge on being the best version of yourself, and the true key to rejuvenation and anti-ageing. 

Everybody can afford it 

It’s much cheaper and easier than you think! It’s absolutely true that you can use a lot from your kitchen cupboards to make super products for rejuvenation, skin and body care, health and increased energy. 

The key to a New You is natural ingredients good enough to eat, for inner and outer transformation. Pamper your body with the best from nature, avoid as many manmade ingredients and preservatives as possible,and observe how your skin gra dually becomes firmer, more glowing, younger and more radiant. 

10 years younger 

Combine your new and healthy beauty routines with improvements to your total lifestyle. Follow my eating and fitness plans on a daily basis. My best advice is that you make a plan, a schedule – and use 4 weeks to follow my New You plan. 

Each week you will look and feel better! I can promise you that when your healthy New You month is over - you will feel and look fantastic. You will shed years – and literally become ten years younger. You will love what you see in the mirror. You will bubble with energy, confidence and happiness that you finally are on the right track to a healthy future! 

Love your life and your looks 

You will never be younger than you are right now At least not in years! But biologically you can become years younger if you make this effort for yourself. You can gain incredible results with simple changes, more than you can by spending a fortune on exclusive hype serums and creams. Lots of the glossy products are, sorry to say, snake oil... 

I have been in the health and beauty business most of my long life, and I have tested and tried more or less everything worth mentioning. As owner and chief editor of the Norwegian leading lifestyle magazine Shape- Up, I have literally drowned in products, treatments and miracles. Lots of products are of course good, but my experience is “the more natural, the better”. 

Your fountain of youth 

Our modern lifestyle has definite drawbacks with an overload of synthetic ingredients in foods, drinks and treatment products,and it’s smart to be as restrictive as possible in order to avoid allergies and problems with your immune system. 

In this post Corona times, we know how dangerous it is to be overweight, the main reason for the most common lifestyle diseases. To reduce the risk, the most important self-help treatment is to reduce your weight and waistline. You can do it quickly and efficiently by following the guidelines in this book. My combination of healthy eating/ menus and daily doses of simple exercises will improve your body far quicker than you can imagine. Extra bonus is far better general health and increased resistance to all kinds of health problems. It will make you stronger and less vulnerable to dangerous diseases as well as viruses and other germs. 

Like I tell people when I have lifestyle lectures about my Eva method: The only thing you have to lose by following it – is fat and excess inches! 

Creative cooking – Scandinavian Style 

My cooking is based on a blending of Scandinavian and Mediterranean cooking, and it can easily be adjusted to your economy and what is available where you live. It is creative cooking, so you can add or subtract, change herbs and spices – and make them your own specialties. The idea is to bring joy to you cooking, as well as better health and looks. 

I hope my book will inspire you to cook meals and to care for your skin in a delicious, healthy and rejuvenating way. I hope you will learn how to use your brain to influence your body on a cellular level, so it will react in a younger and healthier way day by day. 

The fountain of youth

It is really bubbling inside you,and by transmitting the right signals from your brain to your body, you can really tap into it and enjoy all the benefits. I am sharing a lot of secrets with you to make you look younger and feel a lot better in every way. I promise you that the results will be awesome, and you will get a new kick out of life. 

You will experience a surge of energy and optimism for the future, because you will realise that your age is not the important factor; it’s how you look, how you feel, how you relate to the world around you. 

I hope from the bottom of my heart that this book will be guide to your fountain of youth and joy! 

All the best from Eva 

About the author

Eva is a Norwegian well-known writer, educator, trendsetter, and lecturer in lifestyle, health, and beauty. She has helped lots of Norwegian women to lose their unwanted body fat via her systems. She writes about Lifestyle, health, slimming, skin care, and beauty on her blog and books. view profile

Published on October 12, 2020

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