Denise Haschka

Denise Haschka - Editor

Wetter, Germany

Multi-genre author looking to help other writers fulfill their clarify, I mean 'writing dreams'.

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My name is Denise and I'm a native of Chicago now living in a small town in Germany. What can I say, life doesn't turn out the way you planned.

I'm not an award-winning author, never starred in a provocative movie, or entered a beauty contest. I have, however, been in several grammar school spelling bees, a wet t-shirt contest in my 20s, and received an abundance of high school detentions for using improper language (although I disagree with it being improper…it’s self-expression).

I'm a multi-genre writer with two published books: a dark, psychological suspense thriller, NET SWITCH; and a women's fiction / contemporary romance / chick lit novel, FOGGED UP FAIRY TALE. I also have works in several anthologies.

I created my own publishing imprint, Baer Books Press, to assist other writers who don’t want to print under their name and/or need some publishing services at a reasonable price.

List of Services

– Publishing under Baer Books Press
– Critique (First chapter or first ten pages free)
– Proofreading
– Paperback formatting for Amazon (Interior and Exterior setup)
– EBook formatting for Kindle and Nook
– Book Reviews (not all genres)

I love writing and I always give 100% to everything I do. Someday, I hope a writer I've helped gets a chance at fame, but hopefully for writing and not something scandalous.

English (US)
Coming of Age
Historical Fiction
Humor & Comedy
Literary Fiction
Mystery & Crime
Psychological Thriller
Romantic Comedy
Women's Fiction

Work experience

Owner and Author

January, 2014 – Present (over 7 years)

Portfolio (6 selected works)

Net Switch

Baer, Denise, Baer, Denise

Fogged Up Fairy Tale

Baer, Denise

Sipping a Mix of Verse

Baer, Denise, Baer, Denise, Baer, Denise

31 Days of October Volume III: A Haunting Collection of Hallowe'en Tales

Hamrick, Shae, Reynolds, Glenda, Baskerville, Stephanie, Denhere, Rejoice, Stanley, Joe, Turner, Terry, Baer, Denise, Burwick, F., Folstad, Todd

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