Dee Dee DeBartlo

Dee Dee DeBartlo - Publicist

New York, NY, United States

I'm a book publicist and marketer whose biggest success was the launch of Freakonomics. I work with nonfiction authors and novelists.

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I've been in book publishing for 23 very interesting years and have had the privilege of working with many incredibly smart, creative, and talented authors. In addition to launching Freakonomics, I have worked with the wonderful Cokie Roberts on 5 bestselling books, developed a true friendship with Elmore Leonard who I was lucky to work with for 15 years, publicized Neil Gaiman's American Gods and watched his career explode, and worked with filmmaker Guillermo del Toro on 2 bestselling books.

Before starting my own company I was a senior director of publicity at HarperCollins for 12 years.

In January 2014 I formed DeBartlo & Co, a boutique full-service book publicity and marketing firm. I continue to work with many dynamic publishers and authors. Recent projects include Thirty Million Words: Building A Child's Brain by pediatric surgeon and social activist Dana Suskind, The Nurture Effect by behavioral scientist Tony Biglan, Last Night at the Blue Angel, a debut novel by Rebecca Rotert, White Man's Problems, a collection of stories by Kevin Morris, The Blue Hour a psychological thriller by Douglas Kennedy, and many more.

While my main focus is publicity, I also help with every aspect of bringing a book to market -- from jacket design to social media and digital marketing. I have a vast network of media contacts and publishing professionals who I collaborate with to create websites, videos, and book jackets.
Biographies & Memoirs
Business & Management
Cooking & Food Wine & Spirits
Health & wellbeing
Parenting & Families
Politics & Current Affairs
Social & Behavioral Sciences
Historical Fiction
Humor & Comedy
Women's Fiction

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