Christina Dickson

Christina Dickson - Translator

Grenoble, France

Professional Fr/Eng literary translator with many yrs of experience. Authors translated include: Le Clézio (2008 Nobel), M. Dib and others.

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I am an American-born literary translator based in France. I have been working with Francophone fiction for more than 20 years. I began my career translating a work by J.M.G. Le Clézio (2008 Nobel Prize) and have since diversified to include authors from North Africa (Mohammed Dib and Chems Nadir), Africa (Tierno Monenembo, Mongo Beti, Ahmadou Hampâté Ba) and the Carribbean (Gisèle Pineau). My fascination with Le Clézio remains however in tact and I have now published translations of five of his major novels. My work has also appeared in numerous literary reviews and I have had the honor to receive several literary distinctions .

I have learned over these years that translation requires a large degree of self-effacement. This is essential in order for the translator to truly grasp the initial intent of the author and avoid imposing his own subjective interpetation of the work. This first step in approaching a piece of literature involves much research and communication between the translator and the author. When dealing with unilingual Anglophone editors, it is often necessary for the translator to serve as a communications bridge between the publishing house and the writer. I have greatly enjoyed translating a wide range of authors : from the young and never-yet published to acclaimed veteran writers. My experience in collaborating with with various publishing houses in the United States and the UK has also been extremely enriching. I always appreciate constructive criticism and the fresh viewpoint of my copy editor. I look forward to engaging in new, exciting translation projects with authors and editors eager to establish a productive partnership with their translator.
Book Translation
French to English
Contemporary Fiction


  • MA in English Literature and Civilizations


  • 2012 At the Café and The Talisman by Mohammed Dib. Honorable mention, Aldo and Jeanne Scaglione Prize
  • 2012 The African by J.M.G. Le Clézio. Hemingway Grant
  • 2012 Land of the Emancipated by Liliana Lazar. French Voices Grant
  • 2010 Desert by J.M.G. Le Clézio. Long-listed for Best Translated Book Award, short-listed for the French American Foundation TranslationAward.
  • 2004 Wandering Star by J.M.G. Le Clézio. Lannan Foundation Award.
  • 2002,2003, 2009 Translator in Residence at CITL (International College of Literary Translators) Arles, France.

Work experience

Literary Translator

October, 1992 – April, 2020 (over 27 years)

After having been employed for the US Embassy in Niger as a translator/interpeter for five years, I settled in France in 1983. I returned to Europe with two infant children and gave birth to my third child in 1985. In 1989 I enrolled in the literature program at the University of Grenoble and graduated with highest honors and an MA in literature in 1992. I subsequently devoted myself full time to translation projects as detailed below. I took a three year break from translation from 2005 through 2008 during which time I worked as an English tutor for children from age 3 through 18.

• Book Publications
2016 The Prospector (Le chercheur d'or) by J.M.G. Le Clézio, Atlantic Books
2016 The Black Terrorist (Le Terroriste noir) by Tierno Monenémbo, Diasporic Africa Press
2014 A Taste of Eternity (L’âme prêtée aux oiseaux) by Gisèle Pineau, Texas Tech University Press
2013 The African, by J.M.G. Le Clézio, David Godine Publishers
2012 Luck Lines, An Anthological Fantasia in Espernal Country, by Arnaud Rykner, Editions Rouergue
2011 At the Café and The Talisman, by Mohammed Dib, CARAF Books (U. of Virginia)
2010 Desert, by J.M.G. Le Clézio, 2008 Nobel Prize Literature (U.K. edition) Atlantic Books
2009 Desert, by J.M.G. Le Clézio, 2008 Nobel Prize Literature, (U.S. edition) David Godine Publishers
2006 Devil’s Dance (Chair Piment), by Gisèle Pineau, The University of Nebraska Press.
2004 Wandering Star (Etoile errante), by J.M.G Le Clézio, Curbstone Press.
2003 Macadam Dreams (Espérance macadam), by Gisèle Pineau, The University of Nebraska Press.
2003 The Round and Other Cold Hard Facts (La Ronde et autres faits divers), by J.M.G. Le Clézio,
The University of Nebraska Press.
2001 The Savage Night (La Nuit sauvage), by Mohammed Dib, The University of Nebraska Press.
2000 Artemesia, by Marine Bramly, Welcome Rain Press.
1996 The Astrolabe of the Sea (L’Astrolabe de la mer), by Shams Nadir, City Lights Books

• Publications in Journals and Anthologies
2007 Extract of a poem written by Etel Adnan entitled 27 Octobre 2003; also an extract from His Majesty, Almighty Death (Sa majesté, la mort) by Myriam Anissimov appeared in the WWB anthology, The World through the Eyes of Writers, published in collaboration with The New Press.

2007 Four poems by Salah Al Hamdan (an Iranian poet), taken from Baghdad My Beloved (Baghdad, mon amour) appeared in Sirena 2007:1, a literary journal published by The John Hopkins University Press.

2006 Poem taken from Baghdad My Beloved (Baghdad, mon amour), by Salah Al Hamdani, appeared in the anthology entitled Literature from the Axis of Evil (Littérature de l’axe du mal).published by The New Press

2006 Extract from Devil’s Dance (Chair Piment) by Gisèle Pineau published in the spring edition of Ninth Letter.

2006 Bloodred Dew(Rosées de sang) a short story by Mohammed Dib ; Carnival Life (La vie carnaval), a short story by Gisèle Pineau; extracts from The Belly of the Atlantic (Le ventre de l’atlantique) by Fatou Diome; from Love Will Wilt in Too Much Sun (Trop de soleil tue l’amour) by Mongo Beti, and from Contes initiatiques Peuhls de Ahmadou Hampâté Ba published in the Words Without Borders, online literary journa.l.

2001 The Great Life (La Grande Vie), a short story by J.M.G. Le Clézio, published in The Chicago Review.
1997 Back to Samarkand (Retour à Samarkand) a short story by Shams Nadir appeared as the first article in the fall issue of de Exchanges Magazine.

1994 Dreaded is the Night (Le Malheur vient dans la nuit) a short story by J.M.G. Le Clézio
published in Another Chicago Magazine

Portfolio (15 selected works)



Le talisman

Mohammed Dib

Artemisia ou la passion de peindre (French Edition)

Bramly, Marine, Bertoni, Marcello, Merlet, Agnès

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