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cherese cobb - Editor

Knoxville, TN, United States

Journalist, creative writer, and ameteur photographer

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Cherese Cobb was raised in Maryville, Tenn. A graduate of Maryville College, she has a B.A. in psychology and art. A bibliophile, she considers herself a professional student, as she has an insatiable curiosity. When she's not writing for newspapers, blogs, or magazines, she splits her time between family, poetry, and cat-worship, and uses coffee to survive all three.

English (US)
Health & wellbeing
Home & Garden
Humor & Comedy
Science Fiction
Short Story


  • 12th Pumpkin Festival in the Town of Ivanić-Grad 2016 (3rd Place)
  • 20th Kasamakura Haiku Competition (3rd Place)
  • 2014 International Polish Haiku Competition (3rd Place)
  • Honorable Mentions: 2016 Sharpening the Green Pencil Haiku Competition ​ 2016 International Matsuo Basho Award ​ 8th Yamadera Bashō Haiku Contest ​ 2016 Autumn Moon Haiku Contest ​
  • Pitchfest-1st place winner (August 2015)
  • Pitchfest-2nd place winner (July 2016)

Work experience

Freelance Writer

January, 2015 – Present (almost 4 years)

1. Marketing:
A. Writing well-researched pitches and letters of introduction to literary, consumer, and trade magazines, as well as, blogs and business.
In order to capture the client's voice, it's crucial to read back copies of the magazine or blog roll.
B. Keeping a "writers" presence by posting updates about my craft and links to contest wins and newly published content, and, such as Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, etc..
C. Responding to questions and comments left by readers on blog posts.
D. Updating my writer's website with my latest contest wins, published articles, and sale promotions (Example: 10% of writer's fee on Black Friday.)
E. Creating a business plan with reachable milestones.
G.Applying to staff/freelance writing positions found on job boards, i.e., Indeed, Brian Scott's Morning Coffee Newsletter, Be A Freelance Blogger, etc.
H. Creating and printing business cards with QR codes.

2. Research:
A. Researching topics in-depth enough to ask experts questions, pitch potential clients, and explain complicated terms without jargon.
B. Finding experts and people of interest through associations, forums, etc.
C. Interviewing experts and persons of interest. Interviews are followed-up with a thank you letter or card, and interviews are transcribed.
D. Finding stock photos or asking for permission to use copyrighted photos for clients' articles.

3. Writing/Art:
A. Crafting copy in the client's voice or style using facts from ground-breaking research and interviews.
B. Crafting short stories and poems in my own unique voice to be considered on spec or for contests.
C. Editing drafts for syntax (word choice), semantics (word meaning), and grammatical issues.
D. Formatting copy using style guides (Associated Press) and publication specification, i.e., spacing, font, etc.
E. Creating visual aids via traditional fine art techniques: drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, etc.

4. Networking:
A. Communicating with other writers through free forums, writer blogs, social media accounts about the craft of writing, potential jobs, and freelancing etiquette.
B. Attending in-person or digital writing conferences.

5. Professional Development:
A. Reading up-to-date literature, in the form of blogs, eBooks, and printed books, about writing techniques, possible contest entries, and business etiquette.
A. Reading up-to-date literature in a variety of different genre (blogs, eBooks, and printed media) to learn about voice, sentence structure, semantics, and a variety of other literary techniques.
C. Subscribing to free or low-cost magazines, eBooks, and blogs.
D. Attending in-person or digital writer's workshops and classes.
E. Learn and master new skills and programs, such as WordPress and Photoshop, to increase employment chances.

6. Informational Technology
A. Keeping detailed records via Microsoft Excel of business transactions. This includes scanning receipts and tax documents.
B. Trouble shooting printer, computer, and software issues as they arise.

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