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Charlotte De Maria

Charlotte De Maria - Ghostwriter

London, United Kingdom

Full time social media addict and coffee drinker dabbling in self-loathing satire and ridiculous modernism working in the entertainment biz


Luckily, (or rather irresponsibly), I'm the sort of person who tends to DO and not think, better that than to THINK and never do? What I mean is, my worst fear is to be bored so I therefore must always be impulsively doing something, anything, without logic or foresight, switched off to the consequences of my actions. After all, who can predict the future? I'm just one of those restless, easily distracted souls who's always seeking her next frisson. Sponsored by Gordon's Gin I might add, however - there is method in my attention deficit because how I ask you, might one have a fond series of anecdotes and stories without experiences? The good the bad and the ugly etc etc etc. Financially, this insatiable quest for adventure has turned out to be quite an expensive thrill. I'm sure there are new born babies out there with more money to their name than me, but I shan't complain because at least I have wisdom and wit, byproducts of a long term relationship with my overdraft. Carpe diem and all that jazz, right? In life, my modus operandi is simply: because, why not.

I'd love to consider a writing brief if you'll give me the chance!

English (UK)
Career Guides Entertainment
Humor & Comedy Literature Mashups Short Story Women's Fiction Young Adult & Teen

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