Bruce brown

Bruce brown - Marketer

Los Angeles, CA, United States

I've 4 pub bks. One was self-pub-sold over 85 M copies by mail. Many Author's need, Websites/Marketing/PR & More. Self-Pub OR Major Pub?

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Published How-To Author & Marketing/PR Guru for Authors' Non-Fiction & Fiction, and small online & offline businesses worldwide. I am a successful Author and Small Business guy.

Biographies & Memoirs
Christian (Non-Fiction)
Self-help & Self-improvement

Work experience

Seasoned Marketing/PR Consultant for Authors & Small Businesses

December, 1989 – Present (almost 29 years)

Owner-Marketing/PR Consultant
Company Name Brown Marketing Consulting & PR
Dates Employed Dec 1989 – Present Employment Duration 27 yrs 8 mos
Location Glendale, California

Authors need help with their books in so may areas. Can help with most any kind of Non-Fiction & often Fiction Authors too...depending on the book. Just ask.

When Authors start their Journey...they need Editing and often some other help and direction, and then they need to decide what next? Do you Self-Publish or roll the dice and go after a Major publisher. I have successfully done both. I have been published by Doubleday and Self-Published. Oddly enough my Doubleday books sold fewer than 5,000 copies and one of my self-published books sold over 85,000 copies by mail.

Social Media strategies, Linked-In Profile Creation, Brand development, web site traffic growth, web-site monetizing and advertising revenue. ..are just some of the additional areas New (and even seasoned Authors) need to be aware of. Not to mention Marketing Consulting & Develop brand strategy and even utilize statistics systems.

But you are the writer/creator/ is not your job at all to know about anything else. That's where I come in
helping with whatever you go from Book Idea to actual Sales. I have a Golden Rolodex of some of the best people in the world to help you with your book project.

I also advise new businesses on formation of corporations and business structures (I can send you to some excellent Business Lawyers & CPA's), drafting privacy policies and structuring commercial transactions. Specialist in Lead Generation for online and offline businesses also. I'm a Trained Copywriter too.

I am honored to also say I am also the exclusive Marketing & PR consultant for the Number one National Association for Personal Injury Lawyers in the United States. Visit my website now if you like at:

And any business or Author can obtain my Free report entitled: 75 Digital Marketing Tips for Small Business, which works for even Authors, virtually ALL online and offline businesses, plus B2B, including Attorney's, CPA's, even other Small Businesses basically you name it! Contact me if you are interested in this Free Report.

Be well and prosper.

P.S. I was also a Licensed Private Investigator for over 25 years. My clients call me the Author-Marketing/PR Detective.-B


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