Benedicta Norell

Benedicta Norell - Editor

Oxford, UK

Former editorial assistant to Kit de Waal offering book reports tailored to your writing goals, developmental editing and line editing.

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My first degree was in Law and I bring that forensic analysis to my editing. My book reports pull the evidence from your novel to illustrate the changes that will make your work sing. My second degree is in Creative Writing and I use my wide academic reading to draw comparisons between the contemporary book market and your work in order to compile a reading list that will help you take your writing to the next level.

My feedback springs from a knack for feeling what a book wants to be in its finished form, so it always comes from a constructive and empathetic place. A book report from me will give you a detailed and honest structural analysis of your work with recommendations on how to improve setting, characters, plot and prose. Every report includes a sample of line editing which will show you what we could do together if you decide to go on and line edit your work with me after you’ve restructured.

Here’s what a few clients think:

'Benedicta always provides a clear and helpful critique. She is able to marry robust and detailed input with positive support. Because she's a writer herself, she knows about the creative process and provides you with ideas and tips about how to make your writing so much better.' Kit de Waal

'I have always found Benedicta a very valuable critic of my work. She has a sympathetic and insightful approach and is open to a wide variety of styles and genres. I always welcome her input which is acute but supportively expressed.' Annie Murray

'Benedicta has a keen eye for detail but is also able to review a manuscript holistically and offer editorial advice on structure, plot and characterisation. Her approach is professional, insightful and empathetic.' Helen Matthews

‘Benedicta saved my life! Writing a book is such a solitary activity and just when you think you have given it your all and it's ready to publish, you discover that there is so much more to be done. Benedicta first helped me re-structure my book. When she pointed out how I could do this I could immediately see what I couldn't before - a much clearer overview of the book as a whole. After this she made some really helpful suggestions to do with adding dialogue, again something I had not previously considered. The added dialogue instantly brought the story to life. The third and final phase was that she proof read it, correcting and adding a few more helpful suggestions. It is amazing how much you miss! I cannot recommend Benedicta highly enough. She is a great editor and I can't wait to work with her again.' Catherine Bailey

'Not only did Benedicta confirm any nagging suspicions I'd had about my novel, she pinpointed big issues I could never have solved alone. She was thorough, honest, and offered in-depth suggestions for every problem she found. A good editor is one who makes you think, 'Of course! Why didn't I see that before?' I'd feel very confident to work with her again.' Ben Reeves

'Benedicta’s eye for detail, constructive criticism and encouragement really helped me to become a better writer. She understood the writing process and provided calm, insightful advice to help me to create structured and clean prose. I would not hesitate in contacting her again.' Carly Shabowski

English (UK)
Biographies & Memoirs
Contemporary Fiction
Historical Fiction
Literary Fiction
Mystery & Crime
Psychological Thriller
Short Story
Women's Fiction


  • MA Creative Writing Oxford Brookes University
  • BA Jurisprudence Oxford University

Work experience

Manager and Editorial Assistant

Kit de Waal, critically acclaimed best selling author
April, 2016 – May, 2017 (about 1 year)

Manager at KDW Creative Writing Scholarship and Editorial Assistant to Kit de Waal, bestselling author.


May, 2015 – Present (over 6 years)

I edit fiction and creative non-fiction, providing an editorial book report in the first instance, which includes a sample of line editing.

Lies Behind The Ruin

Matthews, Helen

Something Bigger

Killian, Sheila

Benedicta has 2 reviews

Communication & Punctuality
Communication & Punctuality

Lynda Un
Benedicta is a true professional and went through my novella with a fine-tooth comb. She did some hand-holding in the beginning to let me know that Editorial Assessment is what I needed instead of Line by Line Editing. Although she did end up providing Line editing for a section of my story, which I thought was value-added and gave me a preview of what line by line editing looks like. As a n...
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Lynda Un, June 2021

Christina Phillips
Benedicta produced a helpful and insightful book report. Her feedback was positive and constructive, and she was very clear about what worked in the story and what needed to be rewritten. Her thoughtful insights into the direction my writing should take have given me the much needed encouragement to finish my first book.

Christina Phillips, June 2021

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