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Bart Simeral

Bart Simeral - Ghostwriter

Pittsburgh, PA, United States


I am a retired writer and a fan of your client Andy Weir. I was expecting a follow-up to The Martian, trading off its popularity and the current public interest in Mars. I have a book pitch to offer along these lines.

English (US)
Computers & Internet
Science Fiction

Work experience

attorney in the North east and California

Many Fortune rated companies, WebSci Technogies, Oncologies Services, US DHSCISAAO
January, 1971 – Present (about 47 years)

I have a wide variety of professional experience since I held nine (9) separate positions mostly with closely held family owned companies (think Trump) but finishing up as an adjudicator (judge) writing 12 narrative decisions each week determining whom in the United States received green cards.

I have a generalist knowledge of many engineering/technical fields obtained through my work experience.

Big fan of Andy Weir, who in the mode of Capote and his literary journalism, has advanced that genre by writing a fictional novel with dialog as if it were a nonfictional account of a real event.

I have developed a storyline, complimentary to The Martian, with the intent to make Weir's book the beginning of a franchise albeit more commercial.

A sample-

"An autonomous AI exploring a side canyon in the Great Rift Valley of Mars (Valles Marineris) discovers an abandoned human habitation and a mummified body along with some Old Mars artifacts and a journal.

The exploration AI does not enter the habitat but relays its discovery to its base. A search of its database suggested that it has found a deserter and criminal last known to be active 200 years ago.

The Martian Colonist forensic team arrives, shortly followed by agents of the Mars Trust who hover in the background. A technician begins recording and inventorying the habitat which has equipment necessary to sustain life. The technician's attention is drawn to pod cast recording equipment and an antique 3D printer with an overflowing basket of "Marvin the Martian" statuettes.

The journal tells the story of the deserter and his discoveries through the deserter's POV."

My storyline line occurs on future Earth; Old Mars; "present day" Wet Mars advancing through terra forming; and touches on quantum physics and quantum computers, quantum entanglement; artificial general intelligences and the Watney AI; the next logical energy source after nuclear fission, fusion; the development of magnetic fields necessary to deflect solar and cosmic radiation; the use of hydrogenated boron nitride nanotubes (BNNT); the affect of NASA exploration discoveries on the story; Old Martian artifacts which are "messages in a bottle;" how Old Martian engineers resolved the problem of the continuation of life on Mars when Mars devolved into a dead planet and all Martian life was extinguished.

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