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Tessa Barrie

Blogger and wannabe novelist from Jersey, Channel Islands UK, who believes life is too short to be niche.

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I have contributed short stories and features to various publications on a freelance basis for many years. I fell into blogging about eighteen years ago, blowing my own trumpet about my music, as well as waxing lyrical about other artists and bands. My blog site evolved into Tessa Barrie’s Lost Blogs about seven years ago – after I finally realised that I hadn’t got what it takes to write a chart hit.

In June 2015, after a too long a break from writing fiction, I met the late Barbara Large for the first time. She came over to Jersey (Channel Islands, UK) to host a writer’s weekend with Adrienne Dines. Between them, they kick-started my passion for creative writing. A week after meeting Barbara and Adrienne, fate intervened, I was made redundant. It was the perfect ‘excuse’ to give myself one last chance to become a better writer, and start writing the novel that had been whirring around in my head for years, Just Say It!
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