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Prem Hirubalan is an entrepreneur based in New York City whose work focuses on data science and cryptocurrency. Outside of work he enjoys watching rugby.

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As technology continues to advance so will the field of data science. Much of 2018 was viewed as the year of data breaches and leaks; this year however, will be known for technological disruption and use of Artificial Intelligence. In 2019 we will also see a focus on maturing technologies. Here are some of the top data science trends for 2019:


Reinforcement Learning: During 2019 there will be a resurgence of reinforcement learning. Even though this is best described as a “human-like learning behavior,” we will see its use in data science through statistics and algorithms. Concepts using reinforcement learning will start to turn into actual products as well.


Augmented Data Management: This latest trend in data science is a game changer for the industry. According to Information Age, “Augmented data management utilises machine learning capabilities and AI technology to make data management categories including data quality, master data management, metadata management, data integration as well as database management systems (DBMSs) self-configuring and self-tuning.” Thanks to augmented data management, more individuals will be able to use data. It also gives high-level data scientists the opportunity to work on more important tasks.


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