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Santa Barbara, CA, USA

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Nick Vedovi is an active entrepreneur and former Division I Track and Field runner, getting recruited to UCSB on a track scholarship. Standing at 6'2", Nick and his sidekick Pepe can regularly be found running through the mountains or on the beach when he isn't busy working in sustainable energy and helping people reduce their footprint by producing their own power with solar energy. Since 2016, Nick has worked with companies that sell and install solar panels as well as a manufacturing company with an onsite facility that produces the hardware used to sell and install a solar system.

Nick has a goal of one day opening a workout facility that incorporates sustainability and energy production into the equipment and facility to offer an almost outdoor workout experience unlike many others in the world today. Even mentioning how interesting it would be to generate and harness power from the equipment used by members. If there were ever a place to see this idea come into fruition, California would be an ideal starting point.

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Importance of Energy Conservation

On a broader scale, energy conservation is important because it is not just beneficial for yourself but it will also contribute a lot to the whole world. Nick Vedovi is an innovator and passionate about selling sustainability and environmentally conscious products.  We need people like him who care about nature.

The primary importance of energy conservation is to reduce the excessive use of oil and natural resources. One scary fact is that some scientist says that 60 years or more from now, our natural fuels will completely be exhausted. Can you just imagine how the price of electricity will soar if our natural resources come to its end? Or maybe, we might not even have enough electricity to sustain the day to day activities. It will affect not just the major businesses but also our daily living. It would even become more difficult, if not impossible, to perform the things we usually do when there was still a sufficient supply of fuel for us.

Energy conservation is the reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases. Global warming is something that does not bother people so much because they are to busy with the everyday hustle and bustle of life. Yet, the worsening situation of the ozone layer depletion will affect every single individual. Should we still wait until the effects are unbearable?
Energy conservation should remain among the top priorities of every single person whether at home, work, or any other place. After all, the benefits of conserving are not limited to the monetary advantage. Our small role can do big things for the environment. Let us start saving our mother earth through simple ways like using eco-friendly material. Yes, one person cannot possibly change the whole situation but if we all devote ourselves to this, the combined effort will. Let us value what we have now if we do not want to wake up one morning and realize that everything was already gone. Nick Vedovi is an experienced expert who motivates people to use eco-friendly products. 

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