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Nick Toadvine

Lakeland, FL, United States

Nick Toadvine is a dedicated financial advisor who loves to research exciting technology topics as well as spend time with his loving family

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Nick Toadvine has worked in the finance industry for more than 20 years. He specializes in a number of areas including investment management, risk management, and retirement income.

In 2003 Nick founded his own company, Guardian Wealth Management. Nick loves to work through the difficult situations that come along with provided financial services to his clients. Establishing long-lasting relationships and positive results are two of his favorite aspects of the job.

Nick Toadvine has enjoyed observing technology become part of the industry and looks forward to seeing it continue to transform the way we do business and make it more efficient. Staying on top of the current trends is crucial to success, so Nick makes a point to remain educated on new policies, services, and tools.

Aside from running his own company, Nick Toadvine has also formerly hosted a weekly financial talk radio show, Your Money Counts, on Saturday mornings in his hometown of the Polk County area. When he’s not offering investment or financial advice, he is likely enjoying time with his family, trying out a new seafood restaurant, or exercising.

Nick frequently visits the gym to keep his health and overall wellness in check. On top of servcing his clients in the financial industry, Nick has a passion for health and learning about the best practices that serve his goals.
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The Healthiest Food Delivery Services

Not too long ago, when people would hear the term food delivery, they would imagine the staples of modern-day convenience such as pizza or Chinese food. It generally didn’t go further than the immediate gratification of that one meal, except for maybe the occasional leftovers. Items would be ordered online or over the phone, and then delivered within an approximate amount of time by a courier.

There are many variations of how the food gets from the food source to the residence or place of business. Some third-party courier services like Uber Eats have entered the fray, giving people more freedom than just being tied to the restaurant’s personal delivery timetable, thus making delivery times faster. The options are still contained to whatever is on the menu, so the options aren’t healthier. The only difference is the speed of delivery.

With studies repeatedly showing the dangers of the rising obesity epidemic and the need for being more vigilant, many people are turning towards healthier options, while still craving the ease of delivery services. Many companies have jumped on that bandwagon, offering up options for people to not only eat healthier but to do meal planning in advance to they can continue staying on track. As long as you don’t mind doing a little meal prep and spending a little extra money, you can skip the inconvenience of going to the grocery store by having ingredients delivered directly to your home.

The original name in the home delivery niche was BlueApron, and they are still around today. With step-by-step instructions and perfectly portioned ingredients, it’s a fail-safe option for people who want to cook at home and feel like chefs. The cost is $60 for six meals.

HomeChef offers over a dozen meal options each week, and the cost is $59 for six meals of upper-level foodie recipes. This option is perfect for people who enjoy fine dining but don’t want to go out. On the other hand, there are many people who are on highly restricted diets such as keto or vegetarian, and SunBasket caters to all of them. There is also an added bonus of having all containers be eco-friendly. Each meal is guaranteed to be made within 30 minutes and there is no shortage of options. The cost is around $37 for six meals.

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Feb 25, 2020 13:52