Max Swahn

Max Swahn

Pittsburgh, PA

Max Swahn is a 2018 Engineering graduate from the University of Pittsburgh. He values problem solving and quick communication skills.

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Max Swahn attended the University of Pittsburgh, Swanson School of Engineering, where he studied Industrial Engineering with a concentration in Engineering Management. He graduated in April 2018.

Given the nuances of the engineering industry, Max spent a lot of his time in school gaining first-hand experience through internships, clubs and jobs, on and off campus. Swahn worked as a researcher in the nanoproduct lab at the University of Pittsburgh. Max also began as a Project Manager for the Students Consulting for Nonprofit Organizations club on campus. Excelling in the role, he was promoted to Vice President of Recruitment and Development. In this role, Swahn honed his communication and management skills.

Outside of his work in engineering, Max enjoys weightlifting. In college he worked as a brand ambassador for and ranked in the top tier of campus ambassadors all over the United States.

Engineering & Materials Science

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