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Kimberly Byrd Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA, United States

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Kimberly Byrd is the first female appointed to the position of Executive Officer in the Philadelphia Police Department.

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Kimberly Byrd Philadelphia |How Change In Thinking helps In Women Empowerment

As we all know, technology and economy is increasing day by day. It keeps on fluctuating in every second. In this many factors are responsible, land labor, capital, entrepreneurial skill but most importantly, man and women both.

These days women are going out to live free and earn. Many women are executives in companies and women like Kimberly Byrd Philadelphia who is recently appointment to the position of executive officer. By this we can say women are as capable as men

Women are taking a part in Olympic games and wining gold medal. In this, it’s our responsibility to encourage our sister, daughter , wife to do something new so that they can contribute to the nation welfare. Let’s talk about it’s in detail.

How Women Are Working These Days

  • Work oriented: These days specially in new generation, voice of self-esteem is high which is good thing. Due to this, women are coming out of their kitchen and earning to live independently anywhere, anytime. Women are performing more tasks as well as her home duties.

  • Small Scale Business: As we told earlier, women are going out for jobs, but along with this they are starting new small scale businesses also like stitching, clothing, online tutor or teacher and providing employment to other women and helping them to earn.

  • Women At Defense: These day women are playing a significant role in military also. Many women like Kimberly Byrd Philadelphia who is first women appointed to the position of executive officer and doing her task properly.

  • Specializing In Various Fields: Women are these days doctor, engineer, pilot, athlete, etc. They are performing and trying to include in every profession which is good think. Women are becoming lawyers, IPS officers and serving our society.

  • Government Provision: After gender discrimination, government took step against those people who are killing their daughter before even birth. In this, many reservation are done by government and free facilities are also provided to secure her life.

In The End:

Women are Pride, women are mother, daughter, sister, life giver. We should respect women, specially women like Kimberly Byrd Philadelphia who is motivation for other women who wants to serve nation. In this, government started self-defense training center to tech women some techniques to keep herself safe anytime, anywhere.

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Oct 09, 2020 16:45