Jason Sheasby

Jason Sheasby

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Professionally, a lawyer and writer based in Los Angeles, CA. Personally, an amateur chef who enjoys cooking with his children.

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For nearly twenty years Jason Sheasby has worked as a litigator at Irell & Manella LLP, a law firm based in Southern California. His work focuses on litigating complex cases related to intellectual property in the pharmaceuticals, universities, and the medical sector. Because of the nature of these medical matters, he believes in constantly educating himself on the newest advances in medicine and technology, in addition to his legal knowledge.

He is a proud father who uses technology to telecommute, providing him with that much more time with his beloved family. His daughters are important to him, and he often takes that extra time and uses it to get them ready for their own days.

Every case Jason takes on is given care and attention, with research, extensive notes, and consultation with experts who provide him the insights that he needs to provide his legal services. He enjoys the wide-spread net he must cast in order to comfortably handle cases, and each client provides a new avenue to enrich his professional capabilities.