Cristiane Namiuti

Cristiane Namiuti

San Francisco, CA, United States

Cristiane Namiuti currently works as a brand marketing and business communications consultant. She is a lover of all things technology !

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Cristiane Namiuti has worked in the marketing industry for more than ten years. Today she works in the technology industry as a Business Communication Consultant. Cristiane has held the roles of Brand Strategist, Brand Manager, and Brand Marketing Consultant among other. Cristiane is fascinated by technology and its integration into the marketing world. Her focus is always on the customer.

Cristiane Namiuti is interested in reading books that allow her to further her knowledge in her field. She is passionate about remaining up to date about every aspect of marketing and technology. Some of her favorite books about marketing include Guerilla Marketing, The Long Tail and Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.

Cristiane is interested in the dynamics of the technology and marketing field. She is an avid proponent of girls and women learning about technology and going into the field of marketing and technology. She is typically the only woman in a room full of men and she is passionate about changing that for our future.

Living in Silicon Valley is interesting for anyone, but Cristiane really thrives here. Although it is a fast-paced, sometimes cut throat environment, she has found it to be home.