Allen Curreri

Allen Curreri

Mason, Ohio, USA

Allen Curreri is a researcher and sales professional who specializes in the healthcare industry. He makes his home in Mason, OH.

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Allen Curreri, Ph.D., MBA, is a skilled and talented Clinical Research Expert who holds multiple certifications within his field. He is GCSRT Certified in Clinical Trials and Epidemiology from Harvard Medical School, and he is certified in Epidemiology for Public Health Professionals from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Allen holds additional certifications in both In Vitro Diagnostic Requirements: General Safety and Performance as well as Implementation of the In Vitro Diagnostic Device Regulation for CE Marking from the British Standards Institution. He is also a Board Certified Medical Affairs Specialist through the Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs, and he is a Certified Principal Investigator with the Association of Clinical Research Professionals.

Allen is also a dedicated researcher. During his time as a post-doctorate fellow at Case Western's Weatherhead School of Management, Allen Curreri conducted considerable research into the intersection of technology, communication, and burnout in hospitals and further drew on the considerable network and resources he had previously developed. Now, Allen looks forward to learning even more in the years to come.

Outside of work, Allen Curreri is an avid runner and a passionate community member; he frequently volunteers for St. Jude's and hopes to one day start a program to help boost students who make one-time mistakes get into college.

Allen Curreri completed his postdoctoral fellowship at the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University, where he also achieved his Ph.D. in Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services. Allen's current research focuses on mindfulness (the extent to which individuals are aware of their internal and external surroundings) and its role in physicians' choices and performances. Curreri is particularly interested in finding ways to combine mindfulness training with existing frameworks for medical education.
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