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Ali Slutsky

Austin, TX, United States

I'm a PR and Marketing professional.

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Ali Slutsky is a partner at Resplendent Hospitality, a food and beverage Public Relations & Marketing agency based in Austin, Texas.

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Why PR is Important When Building a Brand

Companies seeking to build a strong brand across the market normally utilize various tools to help successfully established themselves. Public relations is one of the most potent tools that most businesses and companies utilize to help improve their brand reputation. Successful utilization of public relations as a brand enhancement tool is owed to various core facts and reasons.

PR Helps Build Customer Trust

Successful utilization of public relations helps businesses to successfully connect with their customers. PR helps capture customers’ trust and interests to a specific business, thereby giving the business a good reputation across the market. The trust-based bond formed between companies applying public relations and their customers is normally strong and long-lasting.

Generation of Investor Interest

Investors greatly trust businesses that have successfully employed initiatives targeting reaching out to them. B2B and B2C businesses promote their market presence by employing various public relations techniques that portray themselves across interested investors as a suitable investment platform. This, in turn, helps the company to successfully penetrate the market.

Better Investor Valuations

Investors normally tend to trust businesses that have a good reputation and positive brand image. Positive press mentions and exposure to various public platforms helps portray the businesses’ track record of exemplary performance, something that broadly enhances the company’s valuation and worth among investors…



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