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Ali Slutsky

Austin, TX, United States

I'm a PR and Marketing professional.

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Ali Slutsky is a partner at Resplendent Hospitality, a food and beverage Public Relations & Marketing agency based in Austin, Texas.

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Top PR Strategies for New & Growing Businesses

As a company that’s just starting or one that’s gone through its early phases and is looking for effective ways to grow, your PR strategy is critical. However, in the early stages of business, PR can sometimes be tricky due to limited budgets and the expected competition of larger, more established organizations. What’s important to remember, is that an effective PR strategy doesn’t necessarily need to be based on your companies size or budget. Put your brand on the map and reach your target audience with these effective PR strategies:

Utilize Big Data & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

When you think Artificial Intelligence (AI), you might think Hollywood depictions of robots or talking computer systems. In reality, AI, machine learning and Big Data are tech systems that are revolutionizing numerous industries; including PR. Big Data gives organizations, both large and small, the ability to generate a collection of data sets based on different areas such as financial, economic, societal, and lifestyle data. These data sets help companies analyze patterns and make accurate industry predictions. From a PR perspective, Big Data gives insights into both internal, shared, and external data streams:



Owned Channels (Websites, Social Networks, Blogs, Press Releases etc.)

Price Promotions (Costs, Pricing, etc.)



Experiential Marketing




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